Azumuta is a G2 High Performer for Fall 2022

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Azumuta is proud to be recognized by G2 as a High Performer for Work Instruction Software for fall. G2 is the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace for genuine users to share authentic reviews for technologies, tools, and platforms.

The recognition is based on customer satisfaction ratings and the company’s market presence and proves that we’re a company that delivers exceptional performance through our product.

What do Azumuta users have to say?

We’re thrilled to learn that Azumuta was rated as a favorite app by our users. Our product and features allowed more organizations to maximize their productivity and create working environments that value innovation. We’re continuing to work hard on making this one of the greatest operator support tools available on the market.

G2 user ratings

Here are some of our customers’ raves about us. This feedback is essential to our ongoing efforts to make our product more valuable for you: 

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Our product development team uses your user experience feedback and recommendations to choose which features to prioritize and go forward with. Check out our G2 review page if you are using Azumuta and would like to leave us a review our check out more customer reviews: 

Why do users love the Azumuta platform? 

Azumuta is a cloud-based shop floor management software that was developed with the aim of improving communication and connectivity between different teams in manufacturing industries. It has been successfully adopted by thousands of operators around the world, as it helps them establish efficient shop floor operations that hugely improves productivity and quality of production by better communication and technological support. 

Here’s a summary of our various modules:

  1. Digital work instructions can benefit your company in several ways. They make information access faster and easier for both operators and managers, and also require less storage space for all paper notes that are replaced by digital files. Also, tools like digital work instructions allow for visual aids such as photos and 3D drawings to be added to each step in the process.
  2. Azumuta makes audit and checklists easy to manage. A supervisor can schedule an audit using the app or computer, which is then automatically pushed to the relevant operator by Azumuta. This means you can easily standardize your procedures and reduce errors, increase productivity and improve overall performance.
  3. Manage your workforce more efficiently with training and competency management. Onboard new employees more quickly and easily with self-study and on the job learning, and track their skill level. Gain instant insight into competencies, skills and education of your employees and easily compare operators to one another based on skill level, educational attainment.
  4. With Azumuta’s Quality Management Module, you are assured of the integrity of your data, as well as its traceability. Our automatic data collection, digital signatures and verification tests ensure that the entire processing workflow is documented and verified. You get clear confirmation reports on product quality, authenticity and traceability at any time!
  5. The issue & improvement tracking module helps you keep track of problems and non-conformities on the production floor. Operators can easily and quickly create tickets, collect them in a kanban system and assign who is responsible. You can also track issues in a structured way to improve your process.
  6. Monitor and track metrics that matter on your shop floor. Our dashboard and analytics feature provides real-time production data, customizable KPIs and data visualization tools to uncover key insights about your manufacturing operations.

Curious to find out why Azumuta is the best fit for your business if you are looking for a complete software solution that manages the entire production process – from product development to shipping and associated quality documentation. Try the full-featured free Azumuta 14 day trial today.

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