New Features to Customize your Work Instructions

New Features to Customize your Work Instructions

Yes, we are still working from home, are you? But that doesn’t stop our development team from developing new features for the Azumuta app. This week we have updates that ensure sophisticated work instructions that match your workflow with advanced variant expressions. Customizing work instructions to fit what the customer ordered just became more flexible than ever!

Let’s see what news we have this week:

– A simple work instruction for a complete product range

One work instruction that fits all – this is the big picture you’ve been dreaming of. You can now see all of your variants by selecting a specification of a product and easily comparing it against other specifications related to the customer’s order.

– Customized products

More and more companies are working with customizations and with variants on products. Customers can now select and specify more options on their specific product. So, from now on you can simply indicate the specification and it will be automatically adjusted to your work instructions!

– Endless list of products

More variants of products have to be put on the market in less time. One size fits all no longer works for modern consumers. Examples are colors or flavors that differ, regional deviations, trends that suddenly arise. The list – of variants – is endless. With Azumuta you can now gather the information you need even faster.

– Batch sizes become smaller

Companies want to offer more options to their customers per product, without needing exponentially more administration. Batch sizes are also getting smaller due to the larger number of options, which makes it less easy to group different orders together in batches.

It is often difficult for operators to remember what to do. Especially for new workers or interim workers. But it must also be clear to experienced operators which tasks need to be done. Mistakes are made quickly, how do we assure them of that control? Usually it is not possible to make a separate work instruction for every possible product. This can now very easy. We explain it step by step.

A custom work instruction, depending on the order

We’re all about work instructions here at Azumuta. Product lists and orders don’t mean much without a big picture view. Now, with advanced variants you can see your data in the context of a specific order, completely according to the wishes of the consumer.

Bicycle assembly instructions

In the following image we see the instructions of a Deluxe Plus Mat-Gray 28 Inch bike. Many customers of Azumuta offer products that contain a variety of options. At this manufacturer, customers can choose between “Super full option” or for some separate “Super” parts, such as pedals or rear lights. “Super” stands for a premium version of that bicycle.

custom work instruction

Manage variants

Now you can gather all of the information you need through variants. Depending the order, you can always click on and off the needed variants. Every work instruction is automatically adjusted, easily select the option you are looking for. Your data will always be accurate to your order!


Especially when working on orders who are more varied, being transparent and clear about your work instructions is a must to set expectations and communicate openly with your team. We’ve added even more options and made it easier than ever to update your orders.

work instruction

Create a custom work instruction

For example, a list of variants can be: MODEL_MAN, STUURPEN_VAST, ZADEL_HARD, SUPER. So that corresponds to the options that the customer has selected in the webshop, for example.

! stands for “NOT”, & stands for “AND” and | stands for “OR”

Azumuta makes it possible to show you that work instruction with the steps that are only needed for that specific bike. Which steps apply is determined on the basis of the variants.

We see the expression !SUPER & !SUPER_PEDALEN below “Install Pedals”.
Read: that step should only be shown if the SUPER variant is NOT selected AND the SUPER_PEDALEN variant is NOT selected

We see the expression SUPER | SUPER_PEDALEN below “Install Super™ Pedals”
Read: that step may only be showed if EITHER the SUPER variant is selected OR the SUPER_PEDALEN variant is selected

Since “OR” is the default way of interpreting the check marks, in this case you would also simply check marks in SUPER and SUPER_PEDALEN.

So… we can now also use Azumuta for:

  • A custom work instruction, depending on the order (configuration of the order)
  • But it only needs to be made once!
  • Reusable work instructions, tailored to each order (via variants)
  • And you can use configuration of the order to show / not show a certain step
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