The Lime way – CRM with a Twist!

Colleagues with CRM

Companies in the manufacturing industry are paying increasing attention to streamlining their business processes and the entire manufacturing supply chain by optimizing customer management. Customer centricity and offering unparalleled customer service is therefore a must for forward-looking manufacturing companies.

Lime Technologies leading CRM provider, is partnering with manufacturers worldwide to establish a customer experience platform in order to remain competitive in rapidly changing B2B market.

Tailor-made CRM solution

In a technological revolution of connected manufacturing, customer satisfaction is the measure of success. Lime Technologies is helping industrial companies like yours with a solution to connect your production and shipping process to the customer. It includes everything you would expect from a CRM system: contacts, sales follow-up, email, case management, projects, time tracking, etc.

And Lime CRM can do so much more! Since day one, their goal has been to deliver an exceptionally user-friendly system that makes the workday easier and more fun for teams. They put together a package and customize the system so it’s a perfect fit for your organization. The system is 100% flexible and can be integrated with other systems.


Some examples of features included from the start:

Visual overview
KPIs and figures can be viewed in real time. With one click you get all the details and can take action.

Calendar and mail link
Quickly save important customer conversations in crm and add new contacts in one click.

VG Support
Manage permissions and anonymization effectively and let customers make changes to their personal data.

Reports in no time
Simple activity tracking, sales summaries and other statistics in just a few clicks.

The benefits of Lime CRM

Smart supply chain
By implementing CRM in manufacturing companies, manufacturers gain better insight into their inventory management, order processing, warehousing, etc.

Automated workflow
Digitize and streamline all your business processes, keep control of your customer relationships and always guard against customer service excellence.

Improve product quality
Data and information can always be consulted via the CRM system. In this way you can always find out where process or production errors occur. Manufacturers can thus always deliver a personalized customer experience.

Practical work order management
Gain control over work with practical and user-friendly work order management. Plan, execute and report everything in Lime CRM.

ERP Integration
With an integration for your business system, gather sales statistics, order information, invoices and all other customer information. All in one system.

Integrate more!

Are you using Azumuta to support your operators? No problem! Lime CRM can be integrated with Azumuta. That way you get a complete overview and an aggregated customer view – in one place.

Convinced and curious what Lime can do for you? Experience what it’s like to work in Lime CRM and try it out yourself!

Want to know more? Check out the Lime Technologies website.

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