Training in the Manufacturing Industry: Smarter and more Effective with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality?

training in the manufacturing industry

Immersive technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) hold great potential for improving on-the-job training and support in manufacturing and industrial settings.

However, research is needed to investigate the learning potential of these technologies, create personalized training solutions, lower costs for the development of content, and expand their applications.

Azumuta, along with the partners of imec.ICON onderzoeksproject COSMO, spent the past two years looking for smart ways to deploy these immersive technologies in more effective and scalable ways for training.

The two big challenges were:

  • How can immersive training for assembly tasks be personalized?
  • How can content creation be accelerated?

Come and find out what the COSMO research project has achieved on Tuesday 26 October at Hangar K in Kortrijk. During this closing event, the results will be presented and you’ll get the chance to meet with all our partners!

What’s on the program?

Use cases from the manufacturing industry: why is (re)training so important in our companies today, and how can immersive technologies help?

Results of the research: to what extent do we succeed in automatically creating and adapting work instructions to the profile of the operator? What effects does this have on the learning and well-being of employees, and on the company?

Demonstrations on the research, including: adaptive work instructions, automatic creation of work instructions, real-time measurement of well-being.

Networking and opportunities to interact with one of our specialists.



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