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5S Audit Checklist

We created a basic 5S audit checklist and report that provides a structured way to audit your operations and standard procedures, according to the 5S principles.

Streamline your audit process so you can outline your quality standards, product requirements, and objective criteria to inspect your products to ensure they meet customer expectations.

With our 5S audit checklist you can:

Ensure the quality of each product with quality controls on equipment and products.
Manage real-time status for each product.
Get automatic reporting and full traceability.
Work with detailed time analysis for each product.
Our audit checklist template includes: digital 5S audit checklist and a 5S report for you to explore.

Keep in mind that not all options are included in this basic 5S Audit Checklist. It’s a visual representation of what a digital checklist looks like through our platform.

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Plan, execute and evaluate your manufacturing process audits in a few clicks! Auditing has never been this easy.

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Simplify factory 5s maintenance, safety audits and compliance

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