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How Digital Product Checks can Increase Productivity in your Factory

August 27, 2021
10:00 - 11:00
A woman wearing a black shirt with a company logo and gloves is standing at a workbench in an industrial setting. She is handling components and looking down at a device. A computer is on the left side of the bench, displaying a software interface.

Are you tired of always wasting precious time going through product checklists? Are the piles of paperwork getting to be too much for you?

Do you recognize the struggle? Old school work has its charm but when you lose hours of drafting, printing and keeping track of your production checks, you have a problem.

In our webinar we’ll explain how you can simplify your company inspections and automate your quality checks. As a result, your company will save a lot of time, money, and effort by using digital product checks. Moreover, it is also environmentally beneficial.

So forget registering product checks on paper. We can help you to easily check, document and improve your products. This way you ensure the quality of each product.

If you want to know more about the practical applications of Azumuta or our field of expertise? Our team will be happy to explain it to you.

The webinar can be followed live from home, the office or watched afterwards.

In this webinar

Our CEO Batist Leman and Customer Success Officer Brecht Plasschaert will explain:

  • The importance of product controls at your factory
  • The advantages of digital product controls and how they can increase your productivity
  • How to easily digitize your product checks with our Azumuta software

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About the speakers

A person with glasses, wearing a white shirt, stands in front of large, industrial-style windows. The person has a bald head and is smiling slightly. The background shows a blurred outdoors, suggesting it is daytime.
Co-founder & CEO

Batist Leman

Innovation and digitalization are high on the agenda of many companies. For businesses, the transition to more automation is not always easy. Organisations find it a challenge to determine in which applications they should invest with a view to a good return and easy implementation. Our CEO – Batist Leman will be happy to take you through the process of digitalization on the production floor.

A man with short, wavy hair and a light beard stands in front of large, industrial-style windows. He is wearing a dark jacket over a white shirt and has his arms crossed, smiling at the camera. The background is bright and airy..
Customer Success Officer

Brecht Plasschaert

Digitalization creates significant opportunities for production companies and is full of challenges. In a rapidly changing digital world, companies are forced to remain innovative. This trend is visible everywhere, including in the manufacturing industry. Within manufacturing companies this mainly relates to the transition from a “paper factory” to a “digital factory”. As the Customer Success Officer of Azumuta Brecht helps and guides manufacturing company in this journey.

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