Achieve a connected Manufacturing with seamless integrations

IoT integration

No matter what your current IT landscape looks like, we’ve got endless integration options that make it easy to connect to your machines and sensors.

Whether you’re migrating users, starting from scratch or want more shop floor machine visibility, our no-code platform offers the most comprehensive tool-set in the industry for communication, workflow and data integration.

Azumuta makes connectivity, and hardware work together seamlessly in one platform, so you can connect your products without worrying about security, scalability, or connectivity issues.

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Endless Possibilities

APIs and webhooks

Azumuta takes just minutes to set up, and your engineers can use our public REST API to begin building integrations immediately. Link to your existing IT infrastructure such as ERP, MES or CAQ systems and allow push and pull data exchange with your existing applications to connect your factory floor with the backend.

Power your integration with our suite of webhooks for live data, connect your workforce to your digital ecosystems and unlock visibility into your shop floor operations.

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Plug & Play Integration

Native integrations

Connect and integrate your sensors, apps and tools to our no-code platform via Plug & Play IoT integration. Azumuta empowers your company to work with all of your data sources seamlessly in one app.

Unify data from disparate systems across the factory floor, allowing smart decisions and actionable insights. Let your workforce focus on your product, not lengthy integrations and complex data workflows.

Hardware connection

Compatible with your shop floor machines

Azumuta communicates as an open protocol that enables you to seamlessly connect to your machines, to digitize your assets and to securely collect data from the factory floor.

With our end-to-end solution we provide secure IoT gateway devices – to communicate with machines over different standard communication protocols like MQTT and OPC UA to structure data and provide you with endless possibilities to enrich your existing processes.

Metrics for productivity and quality on manufacturing industry

Data & Analytics

Data Collection where and when you need it

Improve product quality and productivity by utilizing insights gained through analysis of product, equipment and production process data. Collect and transmit real-time data that is stored and retrieved at any moment in time.

Data Security

Soc 2 certified & Iso27001 compliant

If you're looking for a secure solution for your business, you're in the right place. Our software and infrastructure are certified according to the ISO/IEC 27001:2017 standard.

We manage security in an holistic manner, covering people, processes and technology. You can trust that Azumuta will treat your information with the highest standards.

Soc 27001

Join the digital revolution in shop floor operations