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Go Paperless With An Electronic Batch Records System

Azumuta Supports Your Business In Implementing Electronic Batch Records To Digitize Paper-Focused Operations & Make The Most Of Them

GMP compliant Electronic Batch Records

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Time To Remove The Paperwork Burden

Although companies invest in technological solutions, multiple significant processes remain manual and paper-centered. Unfortunately, paper-based systems tend to be error-prone and cumbersome, leading to information gaps and preventable mistakes that hurt your overall performance.

Automate Your Paper-Based Operations With An Electronic Batch Records System

An Electronic Batch Record is a digital document that gathers all the data related to a product or service production in a digital format. It’s a critical tool used to streamline documentation processes while ensuring the quality and safety of your products or services.

Complete Your Digital Transformation With Azumuta

Azumuta is a modular online platform that can help you move from paper-focused systems to modern digital solutions by incorporating Electronic Batch Records into your corporate performance.

The platform provides state-of-the-art Electronic Batch Records that can help you eliminate manual data entry, track and manage your data online, stay on top of your manufacturing activities, and adhere to essential regulations.

And so much more

Electronic checklists

Generate a variety of reports, including batch records, production summaries and quality control checklists


Easily and securely sign and send EBRs from any device

Audit trails

Record all changes made to production records and documents

Document Management

Store, organize and access all of relevant documentation for a product batch

Data tracking

Track and monitor key production data such as raw material usage and quality control test results

GMP Compliance

Meet regulatory requirements by providing ERBs for tracking and documentary production processes

User-Friendly System

Invest in user-friendly Electronic Batch Records carefully designed to facilitate operators and help them access business data anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

Effortless Connection with Other Tools

No Data Recording Mistakes

Invest in user-friendly Electronic Batch Records carefully designed to facilitate operators and help them access business data anytime, anywhere, and from any device.
Thanks to the tolerance-enforcing rule engine, Electronic Batch Records allow you to keep data recording mistakes at a minimum.
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Why Choose Azumuta?

Do You Still Have Second Thoughts?

Here Are 3 More Reasons Why An EBR System Is A Must For Your Business:

Adhere To Regulations Easily

Electronic Batch Records allow you to have better control over your production line, so you can make sure you comply with all the required FDA regulations in your industry.

Boost Your Efficiency Levels

Generate real-time reports with no complex coding skills. Use them to pinpoint bottlenecks that slow down your operations and remove them to achieve better results.

Upgrade Your Security Levels

Digital systems are harder to get damaged or lost compared to paper-based alternatives. Plus, the digital nature of EBR systems allows you to use password protection and data back-ups to prevent the unauthorized use of information.

Azumuta rated a High Performer for Electronic Batch Records


| Average score on G2

Great software to combine instructions for the shopfloor while simultaneously keeping track of the progress of production. Easy to use for both admin and operators.

Jip V.

Azumuta is an easy-to-implement software that brought structure and discipline to our quality assurance process. We appreciate the pragmatic and hands-on mindset of the Azumuta people.

Nicolas P.

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Are You Ready To Switch From Paper To Digital?

Implement Electronic Batch Records In Your Operations & Reap Their Benefits In Your Business – Starting Today.

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