Faster & Easier Work instruction creation

Why still creating work instructions in Office tools? Digital work instructions are more created faster and better explaining: 99% of our users save up to 80% of their documentation time after switching to digital work instruction creation in Azumuta.

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Time-saving simplicity

Updating SOP procedures and instructions has never been easier. Add, remove, or customize with just a few clicks. Anyone can use Azumuta, with no coding skills required.

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First-class user experience

Video and images can be captured on any device while developing procedures on the shop floor.​ Add images and video’s to your work instructions and sops to make them clear and visual.

100% customizable and flexible to fit any product variant

With the help of our product specific variants and parameters you can tailor your work instructions to your specific product variant without compromising on editing time.

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A new, better way to run your operations

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Give operator training​

Train your employees with digital work instructions. Track operator skill level and gain instant visibility into the skill set of your workforce.

Version control and approval flows

View and compare different versions of edits that are made to your standards. Approve draft versions as a new revision official version.

Operator and admin interface​

Our intuitive interface is designed for the entire production team, for the creation of processes and procedures.​

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"Being able to provide visual, paperless instructions to support operators perform daily tasks and complex processes - that’s really been the key to the success of many production companies."
Batist Leman
CEO Azumuta

Join the digital revolution in shop floor operations