5 Reasons Why your Work Instructions need Quality Checklists

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Any successful business knows that details matter—and that’s why you need quality checklists for work instructions and inspections.

Quality checklists can prevent errors or catch them before they create a bigger problem. By using quality checklists and preventive measures, you can boost employee performance and morale—but that’s not all they can do.

Here are 5 reasons why your work instructions need quality checklists.

1. Quality Checklists catch Sloppy Work

A frontline worker will inevitably have a bad day. Whether they didn’t get enough sleep or are just bored on the job, poor performance will happen.

Instead of punishing workers for making mistakes (which we all do, by the way), you can utilize quality checklists to support workers and ensure results.

Quality checklists enable frontline workers to follow work instructions to a tee and self-identify shoddy work before finishing their job.

2. You can embed Digitized Quality Checklists directly into Work Instructions

When quality checklists become integrated into work instructions, you can ensure that they are performed regularly.

Adding this small step to an existing process makes it easier for workers to complete. Avoid adding a quality checklist after the fact because an additional task may fall through the cracks.


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3. Digital Quality Checklists reduce unplanned Downtime

When machines fail, workers experience unplanned downtime—and your business’s decreased productivity can result in a profit loss.

But these scenarios can be avoided with quality checklists, as long as the workers use them. When you request workers to snap photos for each task in a quality checklist, their sense of accountability and responsibility for good work increases.

After all, a photo is more reliable than their word. A digital quality checklist can eliminate unplanned downtime and machine malfunctions due to sloppy work.

4. Quality Checklists make your Life Easier

When workers do their jobs well, it makes your job a whole lot easier.

Instead of punishing workers for quickly moving past paper quality checklists or performing work that isn’t up to par, you can give them a resource that makes performing tasks adequately easy.

A digital quality checklist breaks each step down for your frontline workers, and it can provide them with clear images and instructions on how to do their jobs every step of the way.

When taking a picture of their work is an essential step towards moving through their day, you’ll see their work improve immensely.

And when your workers do their jobs with ease, you won’t need to issue corrective actions that pull you away from developing your business.

5. You can view Digital Quality Checklists in Real-Time

When you work with paper documents, your workers may just check off the boxes as a formality.

And if they did leave a box unchecked, it would take time before you saw the paper trail.

Eliminating paper eliminates the lag between observation and corrective action. With the ability to view your workers’ progress in real-time, you can expedite any actions to improve worker performance.

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