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Optimisation of logistics activity on the production floor is a must to remain competitive in the manufacturing industry. However, Logistics in production includes several sub-aspects. Therefore, Sirris organized an application lab in Diepenbeek at a demonstrator with AGVs around the assembly and de-assembly of a lamp. Here’s a sneak peak at the past event.


Live Demonstration in Diepenbeek

It is an understatement: this topic keeps production companies busy. The live demonstration, in Diepenbeek, attracted 40 attendees. They were inspired throughout the afternoon by exciting practical examples and were able to ask explanations from the specialists themselves.

The process steps:

  • Picking and kitting
  • CNC machining
  • Assembly
  • Testing and Shipping

The technologies:

  • AMRs for internal transport
  • Pipe & joint constructions
  • Operator Support
  • Orchestration sw platform

Automated Transport of Parts

Their demonstrator automates the transport of parts between the warehouse and CNC machines. To do this, they use the MiR200 platform (AGV). The operator on the CNC machine indicates which parts he needs to machine.

This demand for parts triggers the AGV (digital) to drive from the waiting position to the warehouse. At the warehouse, the warehouse operator collects the appropriate parts and places them in the transport bins.

He then loads these trays onto the AGV (he scans the correct code to avoid errors). Once the trays with parts are loaded on the AGV, it is driven to the CNC machine tool.

At the machine, the trays of parts are transferred without operator intervention to a specially designed structure based on the Karakuri kaizen concept.

Knowledge 💡: Kaizen is an approach in process improvement, it eliminates unnecessary work and it teaches people to see waste and remove it.

With the same movement, the empty trays are also taken away. The AGV drives back to its waiting position and can be used for other transport demands.

Azumuta on Live Demonstration

Besides LeanFlowScaleFactoryOne TwoPriority, and WewoAzumuta was also part of the live demonstration. Azumuta is responsible for the digital support of transferring information about the concrete performance of their tasks (via digital work instructions, augmented reality, wearables, etc.).

Azumuta was linked to Salesforce (MES), which conjures up instructions in the browser at the right time. Digital instructions were displayed for both the assembly and de-assembly of the lamp.

Azumuta was used as a simplification between transfer systems, taking into account the ergonomy of operators. Our software was also responsible for the link with the MES for the time registration, tracking and stock management.

By the way, you can still go and see the demonstrator live. The Sirris team has planned a permanent installation in Howest kortrijk – Campus Graaf Karel De Goedelaan. More info can be found on the sirris website.

Want to know more? Stay tuned!

In manufacturing companies, a lot of operator time is lost to searching for parts/products, waiting for materials, moving all kinds of things around, and walking around the workplace unnecessarily.

Optimizing logistics in production is therefore a major challenge. The team of Sirris experts can support your company in this. But also Azumuta helps automate your logistic operations and supports your operators in their tasks.

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