The Secret Ingredient for Successful Shop Floor Digitization

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Many manufacturing companies are looking for the right technology to automate their production environment and achieve more efficient operations. However, automation is not always easy to implement, that’s why it is good to take all the opportunities you get to learn from the best, to learn from the pioneers.

Last week, Voka organized a live session and company visit. At this event, Novy was able to inspire other companies with their existing use case and their experience with Azumuta. Pioneers like Novy have taken the first steps in further automating their production processes and are now showcasing their experiences, the knowledge they have gained, and answering the most important questions that led them to where they are today:

  • What preparations were needed?
  • What process was addressed first?
  • What obstacles were in the way?
  • What technology was finally chosen?
  • How did they manage to engage the employees?
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It is never too late to make a change and further automate your production environment to achieve even better results. Even successful companies like Novy with more than 110 years of experience in the field know that digitizing your company’s activities has many benefits:

  • Saves a lot of documentation time
  • Better overview on manufacturing activities
  • Avoid product defects
  • Save money and energy
  • And much more…

Maybe the hardest part of implementing Industry 4.0 is the search for and finding the right tools and technologies to make these changes happen. Here too, inspiration can be drawn from the companies that are already one step ahead.

Last week, Voka invited us to Novy HQ to illustrate how our system can help companies implement Industry 4.0. We visited a workstation in the factory where we showed how Azumuta is used in the field at Novy and how it could be implemented by others.

Curious to know how Azumuta works?

Azumuta helps manufacturing companies to introduce Industry 4.0 into the organization, automate production environments, achieve efficient functioning and a clear overview on manufacturing activities. By digitizing your shop floor and joining the pioneers, you can achieve similar results and improve your production efficiency. In our 30-minute live demo, you will learn how Azumuta can help you.

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