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The key question of every software maker: How do users experience our product? When we talk about UX design or User Experience, it’s not only about design elements but about the total experience of a user. At Azumuta we do everything to put this ‘User Experience’ first. The ease with which our customers navigate through the software is our priority.

What is ‘User Experience’?

Although the term is still relatively young, customer experience is on every software employee’s mind. Everyone wants to provide the best possible experience to their users. The experiences that customers have with a product will ultimately be the deciding factor as to whether or not they will buy the product again.

By definition, UX is everywhere. Literally. In the marketing world, we see UX as a design discipline in which we put the user first. The theory states that, as designers, we must look directly through the eyes of our users. When developing a new product, the focus is on creating a positive experience. It’s a combination of psychology, technology, design and web design.

Paying a lot of attention to the user experience will lead to a better connection between customer and brand. The customer will feel heard and the product will better suit the user’s needs. After all, every functionality leaves an impression. The user should constantly experience a positive feeling. It’s essential that developers pay attention to this and do not overlook matters. Therefore, as a company, it’s important to listen to the customers and users.

At Azumuta, the customer and their experience with the application is our main focus. That’s why we think it’s important to listen not only to our own people, but also to the customers and the user-friendliness of our app.

Software as a service

From the beginning it was a deliberate choice to offer Azumuta as an online service. That’s why we developed our software to SaaS (Software as a service) also called software on demand. This means that the customer doesn’t have to buy the software, but that a contract is made per month and per user. The customer chooses which plan is suitable for their production team.

What are the advantages of SaaS?

Our customers don’t have to take care of the purchase themselves, Azumuta is in charge of the installations, updates and maintenance.

The software can be accessed from any location and at any time, since it’s hosted on the server of Azumuta. This is often done from the web browser or for some software even through convenient apps that display information optimally on mobile devices.

The management and maintenance of the software is taken care of.

You can start right away.

Software as a service is a good choice for both small and large companies. It’s an affordable solution and the costs can be spread.

A set of experiences

As you have probably already read, user experience is about more than just the product. The User Experience deals with the why, what and how. The what is about what you can do with it. The how is about the way the product has been created. It takes over the accessibility and the aesthetic of the usage process. Finally, the why represents what meaningful experience the product has and what motivation there is to use it. The more meaning the the experience has, the greater the motivation to use. At Azumuta, it’s very important to bring our software to the customer in a seamless and enjoyable way.

We all believe that a product should provide meaning and value. According to the principle of design thinking, we start developing from the customer’s experience. A product must meet the following requirements to be considered valuable:

Useful: A product must be original and meet a need.
Usable: The process of use should be smooth without much difficulty.
Desirable: Certain needs must sometimes be aroused in the target audience.
Findable: The product and services after sale should be easy to find, should problems arise.
Accessible: The content of a product or service should be accessible to everyone.
Credible: Users should feel that the product will really improve their lives.

Design thinking as base for a better customer experience

Design thinking is a solution-oriented method with the user at its centre. The method is never-ending, in the sense that the product must be optimised and evaluated continuously. If the previous solution does not meet the (new) requirements of a customer, then together we see where we can adjust the interface again. At Azumuta we really listen to our customers. Of course, every company is different, therefore no user-interface is 100% the same.

During the implementation in a company, we first look at the needs of the customer. Where can we make a difference and where can we simplify the process. Afterwards customers can still contact us for further questions and follow-up. In the software we have our own helpdesk with manuals and instructions. This way, a company can help itself in no time without having to wait long.

This is how we create an interaction where we really listen to our customers and their experience.

design thinking process diagram
  1. Empathize and define: Knowing and understanding is the first and most important step in engaging in design thinking. Questions such as: “What is my target audience doing?” or “What keeps my target audience awake at night?”.

Based on this information we get insights into our target group. From this, the customer journey flows out and we can easily respond to the customer’s expectations.

  1. Ideate: Now that we have the insights about our target group, the brainstorming can begin. Together with the development team we look at what is within our capabilities and in what areas we can improve.

  2. Prototype: It is important to design a prototype that is within the corporate identity of Azumuta and that focuses on the users of our software. Together with the development team we check which functionalities guarantee an optimal workflow for our users.

  3. Testing: Eventually the prototype will be launched on the market. This requires a test with the ultimate target group. Therefore we always let a selection of operators try out our new version.

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