Digital Training for your Operators? Good Idea!

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More and more companies expect their future employees to have sufficient skills. The modernization of today’s job market has increased the demand for certain skills massively.

Selecting talented personnel remains a major challenge. Fortunately, there are several alternative solutions that encourage development in the workplace. These include a training program, the use of a competency matrix and targeted training sessions.

Exceeding the Skills Gap

The skills gap is a real phenomenon. As technology changes, workers’ skills will be upgraded. What technical skills should workers have in today’s society?

Especially in the making and manufacturing industries, it remains essential to perform a task correctly. In certain industries, it is common to find a lack of specific professional knowledge.

A term that describes the skills or competencies that employees cannot meet is also called the skills gap or skill gap. Such a gap results when the stated job requirements do not match with the qualifications of potential candidates. Employers are very afraid of this and, as a result, have difficulty hiring well-trained employees.

Change is the only constant in our current market. New developments make higher demands. And often knowledge is already lacking before they start working.

In addition to professional knowledge and other skills, there are certain job requirements that employees must meet in the manufacturing industry anno 2021:

  • Digital skills: The use of a computer, smartphone or tablet is indispensable today. These are used in almost every sector. Also, in the manufacturing industry, mobile devices have already made their entrance.
  • Problem solving ability: A skill that is essential when overseeing, monitoring and optimizing business processes. A problem-solving mindset also requires some form of creativity: thinking out of the box is crucial in a competitive market.
  • Broadly Employable: It is important to not only focus on the department in which you are employed, but also to be open to other fields. Each operator should be able to be deployed at different workstations to take over duties in case of absence or to replace employees who retire.
  • Data Analysis: Big data and algorithms such as AI play a vital role in the manufacturing industry. With the advent of more data automation, operators on the factory floor are working less manually, causing an increase in production.
  • Flexibility: The ability to easily adapt in today’s changing market is an important skill. Keeping up with new developments, broadening your knowledge and the motto of lifelong learning gives you an edge over the rest.

Support on the Factory Floor

Make it easy for your company by centralizing all the work instructions that operators need in one location. This makes for more efficient and faster employment. In addition, this is ideal for the entire team to keep an overview of all employees to constantly develop new skills and learn from each other.

Does your company already keep track of all things to see what level your staff is trained at? Azumuta makes it very easy for your company by creating a competency matrix. That way, you can keep track of all manuals and processes and future employees can find everything easily.

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No more laborious preparing of documents for your operators. They can access digital work instructions on their smartphones, tablets or remote screens. In this way, all production workers master the right skills needed to do their job correctly. If there is a skill gap in both hard skills (using a specific software such as an ERP system) and soft skills (teamwork and communication), the production workers may cross this gap.

Start Today!

Bitten by Azumuta’s digital workflow and does this taste like more to you? Convinced to provide your company with an all-in-one platform? We would be happy to help you create fully customized work instructions for your operators on the factory floor.

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