Digitization and Humanization: a new Era in the Workplace!

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New digital technologies are giving our current job market a boost. New jobs are sprouting everywhere, but at the same time the supply of skilled workers can’t keep up with the demand. The skills gap is growing. Are technological developments going to change our jobs or even take them over? And what do these new developments mean for the required competencies of employees?

The shortage of talent is reaching a peak in our country. Job descriptions are no longer sufficient to cover the full load of the actual position. The modern employee has to be versatile. As the manufacturing sector navigates the skills gap, the demand for talent will only increase. Industry 4.0 is alive and kicking and we can see that in the impact on the entire job market.

Smart Systems

Smart technologies make work on the production floor more efficient. Just think of robotization, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and sensor technology. The impact of technology on employees is increasing.

Many companies are already surfing the latest trends. They are transforming their production workers into technical experts capable of operating complex assembly processes. The endless desire for customization and more choices is growing. This adds an extra layer of complexity to the work of the operator, shifting its function to a new competence profile: operator 2.0.

Upgrade to Operator 2.0

More than ever, manufacturing companies are looking for diversely skilled workers. Companies will need to leverage digital tools to continue efficient work on the shop floor. Innovation waves fueled by digitalization will require more technical talent.

An essential factor on the production floor is and will remain the operator. The classic job as a factory worker is disappearing and is transforming into a new digital profile. He forms the link between the starting and finishing point of every delivered and produced product. Such an operator is also called the “tech-augmented human worker”. Those who keep the production process fully running with an eye on maintaining the quality and quantity of the products.

The New “Digital” Work

Jobs will become more versatile and creative. Robots and humans will work more closely together. Production workers will need unique skills to remain innovative. Still, the operator will remain indispensable on factory floors, even as robots have made their way into everyday life. Future workers will have tech support and be constantly connected as a result.

Move to Techno-zen

Are production workers ready for major changes on the production floor? Maybe it’s time to take a “techno-zen moment”.

Sometimes techno-stress can’t be eliminated from the production floor. After all, technology is everywhere. Still, there are some methods to combat overload:

The motto of lifelong learning: Lifelong learning is the key to success. Strong training can overcome the negative effects of technostress.

As a manager, it is best to organize enough training for your employees. With a competency matrix, you track the training and skill levels very closely. This also significantly shortens the training process.

skill matrix for manufacturing companies

Work with a trusted IT system: You can have the best software, tools and equipment in the world, but if things go wrong, who will put out the fires?

Whether you are a small business, institution, agency or even a freelancer, you need IT specialists. They play an important role in solving internal problems.

Digital Support with our Software

The more complex the production processes, the harder it is for employees to perform work. Not to mention that the human brain is still the most important link on the production floor.

Therefore, invest in user-friendly software: Employees can suffer from technostress when faced with complex tasks. Azumuta combines an intuitive interface with the newest technologies to ensure a stress-free work environment.

There are numerous features within Azumuta that combine different categories of information systems, such as: project managementauditsworkflow managementproduct controls, and much more!

Azumuta offers you digital support on the production floor that is easy to use and improves internal communication. We guarantee you that the physical tasks and our digital platform will form an ideal match. We support manufacturers during every step of the transition to a digital factory floor.

Start Today with Azumuta

Ready to take the step towards a digital factory floor where all the information is within reach and centralised in one tool?

With Azumuta, you can not only reduce technology stress, but also improve communication and collaboration, increase organizational commitment, and automate work.

Curious about what Azumuta can do for you? Contact us and start today!

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