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Yesterday, Azumuta got the chance to be a part of the hands-on workshop on digital work instructions, organized by Flanders make.

In today’s market there is a wide range of software systems to roll out digital work instructions on the shop floor. It is not easy choosing the right system that fits the needs of your company. 

The DWI4 Manufacturing workshop gave us the chance to present our work instruction software to manufacturing companies who are looking for an industry 4.0 solution. 

During the workshop, production companies could experiment with our digital work instructions software and experience how it feels to work with the instructions. The companies could really experience the work instructions by creating, maintaining and using them within the different platforms in a production context. This made it possible for the companies to discover the strengths and weaknesses of every platform to make an objective and informed decision. 

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By talking to the various software providers, production companies were able to gather more information about which system best suits their production environment. Conversely, we were able to gain insights about the different needs of these companies to get started with digital work instructions in the future.

We really hope that this day has brought much clarity and insight to the participating companies! Azumuta helps production companies to centralize and standardize their documentation and avoid the use of paper on the shop floor. As a result, companies can strengthen their communication and efficiency within production. 

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