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Hey, hi and welcome!

You’ve come to get to know the Azumuta family a bit better, but first let me introduce myself. My name is Melisa Sancak and I am a Marketing intern at Azumuta for 13 weeks, under the guidance of my mentor Aurélie De Brauwer. Besides writing content, I also focus on social media and I always try to get the creative out of myself.

I couldn’t be happier that you’re here. This is the word of the wisest and greatest group you can imagine. When I started, I felt an immediate sense of community. I’m part of a culture that welcomes and invites everyone. I’m so thankful for this sense of community and togetherness at Azumuta. We make work fun and enjoyable, but of course we take our job seriously when necessary.

At the beginning of my internship, I have been told that 2021 would be an important growth year for Azumuta, as a young SaaS company. It’s a fast-growing industry with many benefits in digitization and automation for companies worldwide.

Working at the office is extremely valuable if you ask me. It creates a bond and stimulates a feeling of connection between colleagues. With the arrival of Covid-19, we are required to work from home most of the time, so our weekly Monday Meetings continue online.

In the meantime, new employees have started and Azumuta is still growing. The perfect moment to put the team in the spotlight. Don’t you think?

Feel free to take a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy reading!

Let’s start with our sales team. Our sales members aren’t just listening ears, but I can assure you, you will be in extremely safe hands with our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff. They are key drivers in creating new business and building quality long lasting relationships with our clients. Together, they think about which options are best for your needs.

We recently welcomed a new member in sales. Yarne Baeten is a familiar face to us, after finishing his marketing internship at Azumuta a year ago, he’s now starting in a new position as Inside Sales Executive. I wish him best of luck in his position, you will rock Yarne!

We move on to the marketing department, which I am part of as an intern. By actively following up lead generation, events, branding, PR and content marketing we always try to be able to respond to the latest trends in this fast-growing industry.

We are a small team, but we handle a lot. At Azumuta we mix different creative ideas to create web content that emanates our enthusiasm, because we are marketers at heart. But above all, we are real go-getters: our role contributes to helping organisations around the world with our amazing SaaS tool.

My internship started in February and ends in May. With my ambition and motivation, I assist the marketing department to become a real marketeer. At the moment we are with two interns who are eagerly learning the ins and outs of being future marketers. We also have a new graphic designer Elena Pavlyukova, who is the brain behind the graphics for our website.

I can guarantee you that all the content you see appearing on social media, are made with a lot of enthusiasm and passion. I know the brains behind the various processes and I can assure you we are an awesome team!

Have you had a chance to view our beautiful website yet? Not yet? Be sure to do so! As software is central at Azumuta, a good Development team is necessary. Our development team is divided into two departments: application and web development. Great software developers are great problem solvers. And those great ones are working at Azumuta!

Our application developers focus on making our software keep working well, perform regular updates and think about ways to improve our software and user experience constantly. Within Azumuta we offer a turnkey-software solution.

The web development team is constantly working to keep up with the latest developments and to keep every feature on the platform up-to-date, so that our customers are always working with the latest and greatest software.

Our strong Development team has recently welcomed two new developers named Vincent Taylor and Pieter Heynderickx and our new intern Jonathan De Bremme.

But Azumuta would never have been where they are today without their founder. Meet our CEO – Batist Leman. Azumuta was founded because of his interests in the SaaS world and manufacturing industry. With his passion for software, Azumuta quickly grew into an innovative software company within the tech industry.

You have reached the end of our fantastic team. It’s a bit of craziness and a lot of talent that makes us special.

Engineers, software makers and even creatives belong to Azumuta. We’re happy to welcome your profile as well. We can’t wait to meet you!

Thank you for reading my Pep Talk and hope to see you soon!

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