The Power of Paperless Audits: the PEMA Methodology

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Nowadays, digital transformation is a necessity for every business. Companies must find a new balance when utilizing digital technology in all business aspects. You can even digitize internal audits for product controls, maintenance procedures or logistics processes. That is why Azumuta developed a simple solution that can be used in organizing audit checks and controls.

Why should you use audits? Conducting an internal audit is a common activity within manufacturing companies. It provides you with information on various improvements to implement and gives you insight on how to take action to ensure constant quality.

Digital checklists make complex processes understandable and frees employees from unnecessary paperwork. Look at how your employees do things now: the way they forward notes and photos and use tools like WhatsApp or Sharepoint to do so. A pile of comments and side-notes they struggle to get over. Consequently, knowledge is lost and often no further follow up is given to workplace observations.

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PEMA methodology

This is why within Azumuta we have opted to apply the PEMA methodology. This methodology was created by working with our clients to digitize their entire audit process with no further need to work on paper. It is an acronym that is based on the following pillars:


A successful audit process starts with the (systematic) scheduling of audits. For this purpose, one can use the scheduling calendar within Azumuta where audits can be scheduled either once or as a recurring event.



Each operator obtains an overview of the planned audits in his task overview. When conducting the audit, the operator or quality manager can go through the digital checklist step by step and answer the corresponding questions. In need of an ad hoc audit procedure? No problem, the operator can quickly and easily access and execute an audit procedure. This is also visible in the planning calendar.



At a glance, you can check whether or not the audit has been carried out successfully. This is done with the help of a simple color indication highlighting audits.

If an auditor made any comments during the audit, they can be followed up with the help of an improvement board. By doing so, comments are not lost and one is sure that actions are taken if necessary.




Regular auditing aims to improve performance in the workplace. The analysis of the given answers and scores is done using the reporting dashboard. This shows the evolution over time of the various planned audits.

report for 5S audit

Hop on the digital train with Azumuta

Companies are digitizing at a rapid pace. Digital tools like Azumuta can help support your employees. As a company, you better not miss the digital train. Applying the PEMA methodology within Azumuta will already help you quite a bit. This for scheduling audits to follow up problems in a centralized and digital way.

Got the urge to go digital? Before you start, ask us for a free demo and get to know the Azumuta tool to completely digitize your audit system!

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