How VR and AR Improve Safety on the Shop Floor

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When it comes to virtual and augmented reality, we usually think of the gaming industry. Games have been using AR and VR for a while now. VR gaming headsets are familiar to us all, and mobile games have been using AR technology for quite some time. In the summer of 2016, pokémon could suddenly be spotted in our yards. Pokémon Go used AR to make the little monsters appear next to us. In the meantime, companies have also discovered VR and AR. Due to the interesting applications, the use of VR and AR in industry has already become big business.

Train cheaper, safer and faster with VR

Thanks to VR, numerous situations can be simulated in an interactive environment. Dangerous tasks can be practiced virtually. VR provides a lifelike feeling without putting your employees in any real danger. Expensive exercises can be recreated in a virtual environment making the drills a lot cheaper.

VR training has some major advantages. In virtual training, operators can learn their tasks. Within that imaginary world, mistakes can be made without directly affecting production. It’s also been proven that people learn a lot faster when training in a 3D environment as opposed to studying the instructions on a sheet of paper. Therefore, VR allows you to train new employees a lot faster. Furthermore, integrating a new operator will have virtually no effect on production efficiency. After all, they are already well trained within the virtual environment.

Numerous new possibilities

VR knows no boundaries, the possibilities are endless. Within a virtual environment the only limiting factor is your own imagination. If you can imagine it, it can be recreated in VR. This also provides interesting possibilities in an industrial context. For example, thanks to VR you can study machines from the inside while they are running. You can shrink yourself and analyze machines from a completely new perspective. We can only guess which new innovations will result from using VR.


Augmented reality = augmented operators?

Augmented reality is perhaps the most interesting technology you can use in the industry. So it should be no surprise that many leading companies including Microsoft are already using it. With AR you can provide operators with additional support. To help with the assembly of parts for example, AR signals the operator which parts to assemble and how to orient them. One of the most interesting applications of AR is error prevention. AR technology warns operators of possible errors or danger. So it is safe to say that AR provides “augmented” operators.

AR for better communication

Through AR glasses, it is possible to communicate hands-free. Supervisors and technicians can thus assist employees from a distance. They can add comments and drawings in real time to the operator’s field of vision thanks to AR. This allows you to give much clearer instructions to ensure the quality of the product.

Azumuta, a pioneer in AR and VR

Here at Azumuta, we have been aware of the interesting applications that VR and AR provide companies for some time. VR and AR applications can easily be linked to our digital platform. With Azumuta, you can discover the benefits of VR and AR for your business in no time.

We also continue to improve our expertise on AR and VR. Currently Azumuta is working together with Imec.icon on the COSMO project. The COSMO project investigates the training potential of VR and AR for companies. The main focus is to expand the applications and to reduce the running costs.

So, partnering with Azumuta not only provides you with a fantastic digital platform to support your entire business. But also grants access to a wealth of expertise on digital work instructions, VR and AR, learning management and much more.

Discover all Azumuta has to offer by clicking “How it works” in the menu bar or just see it yourself with our live demo.

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