Human-Centered thinking on the Production Floor

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How can we continue to motivate operators during working hours? Why are companies doing more and more people-oriented thinking? What importance does well-being have in the workplace today? Read more about it in our blog post.

Many companies are always striving for higher production. Something that is not always obvious. They often look for sustainable solutions in order to achieve their goals, for example by adopting a people-oriented approach on the production floor. Building reliable relationships and taking care of your operators, that is what it is all about in the end. Why? You’ll find out here!

We live in a challenging market. The market is constantly changing: digitalization, automation, Covid-19 and our ever fluctuating lifestyle. It is therefore essential to involve your operators in this agile market. With the necessary attention and follow-up you already reach a long way. In this way you can stimulate your operators to make an extra effort and work more productively.

Wellbeing of operators

More and more companies are focusing on the well-being of their employees. Human-centered thinking is central to this. Moreover, it is not only beneficial for your employees, there are also numerous advantages for the employer.

Yet the rumor circulates that investing in the well-being of your employees can be very costly. While in fact, in the long run, you save costs. When you don’t invest in the well-being of your employees, we are more likely to see dissatisfied workers with high turnover. Moreover, they often suffer from symptoms of burn-out and they suffer from technostress. So it’s best to build lasting relationships where you show interest in your employees.

For example, you can start supporting the operator using digital work instructions. In this way, you guide employees step by step through the assembly process. It offers a solution for people of different educational levels: from unskilled to highly trained. But it also helps people with a distance to the labor market, for example, due to a disability or low education.

By supporting tasks, the work is simply more efficient and different types of employees: experienced, inexperienced, young and old can be deployed quickly and flexibly.

What motivates operators

How can we generate motivation among employees? On the one hand, digital tools can be used that will provide support on the factory floor and automate certain things. On the other hand, it is very important to provide education and training on the shop floor. Employees will work more productively and acquire more knowledge about their job.

Some tips: 💡

1. Set realistic goals

Operator motivation is an essential factor in progress on the production floor. Excessive expectations discourage the operator which creates a contradictory effect.

2. Give confidence to your employees

Giving your operator confidence to perform tasks independently makes him feel involved. Therefore, give him room to grow in his job.

3. Involve your employees in decisions

Try to involve your operators in crucial decisions on the factory floor. In this way, they will be more likely to take the initiative to achieve their self-imposed goals.

4. Encourage training and development in the workplace

Give operators the opportunity to deepen their understanding of their work through training.

5. Provide software support

Save unnecessary frustration from your operators and let them work using simple software with quality tools.

6. Approach each employee differently

Approach each employee with a customized strategy. Depending on his experience, you will allow some operators more autonomy.human-centered thinking on the shop floor

Azumuta and people-oriented thinking

For operators, it doesn’t make it any easier. There is more pressure to deliver on time, to produce the right number of orders and to meet quality requirements. Azumuta therefore provides a handy tool that will digitize and simplify the work of the operators. In this way they can follow up orders without problems and receive digital help at every level.

Curious about what Azumuta can do for you? Contact us and try it out!

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