Inspiration Session: Digitization within your SME

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Azumuta at inspirational session Flanders Make

On 13 October the inspiration session: digitization within your SME took place, an initiative of Flanders Make and VLAIO. On the basis of practical cases, companies – including Azumuta – explained how digitization helps to innovate and what positive effect this can have on the operating result.

Innovation and digitalization are high on the agenda at many companies. It is often even a necessity for survival. For SMEs, however, the shift to more digitization is not always easy. Companies find it a challenge to determine which concrete applications it is best to invest in for the sake of a good return and how to implement them smoothly.

As an entrepreneur, you want to grow, innovate and transform. All too often companies have the feeling that they are on their own. Yet this is not the case. There are many fellow entrepreneurs who are facing the same digitalization issues. Flanders Make and Vlaio Team Bedrijfstrajecten navigates companies through the extensive Flemish knowledge landscape to specific knowledge, know-how and expertise.

We believe that the flexibility of humans is even stronger than automation and therefore, the cooperation between the two can offer great added value.
Dirk Torfs
CEO - Flanders Make

Business Case: Provan

Each speaker complemented their presentation with an SME Business case. In this way, companies could immediately link theory to practice and we served the topics tailored to the organizations. During the presentation, our CEO – Batist Leman, briefly explained what Azumuta stands for and applied it to our use case Provan.

Provan is a company active in metal work. Provan continues to work on improving their processes every day. Which by now resulted in a double recognition as Factory of the Future. In 2021 Provan is again in the race to win the award of Factory of The Future. This time Azumuta will play an important part in winning the title.

Curious how Azumta is helping Provan towards digitalization on the production floor? In the video below you can watch the entire presentation. Take a look, or contact us for more information.

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