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Digital transformation of education is a must and a game changer, that is what the pandemic has taught us. To facilitate this transformation, partnerships must be created between educational learning technology providers and educational institutions, underpinned by research institutions.

Imec is a research center for nanotechnology and digital technology. They maintain strong links with local actors to accelerate digital transformation. For 35 years, Imec has been the mother ship for crucial innovations in chip technology and many more.

The imec Smart Education program brings together companies and partners in education, since 2017, to find future-oriented solutions to learn, teach and train smarter. The foundation of this initiative is formed by in-depth research and innovation projects. Smart education means that learning processes are developed with personalized learning content and learning strategies.

On the 20th of may, for the fifth anniversary of the imec smart education program, the first edition of the Learning Bytes Festival was organized. With this event, imec wanted to put the different achievements of the past five years in the spotlight and take the first steps towards new projects for the future.

We are proud that, with Azumuta, we were able to be a part of the first edition of this inspiring festival. Learning Bytes brought us and many others a lot of new insights from research, various practical examples and inspiring conversations.

Professor Inge Molenaar kicked it off with her keynote session about AI learning technologies she opened the eyes of the audience. For the ones who could not get enough there were several other sessions about topics such as adaptive learning, wearables in education and training, hybrid learning and smart education

The Learning Bytes Festival really proved the necessity of the digital transformation in education and in the meantime offered immediate solutions and initiatives to support this transformation.

How Azumuta supports the digital transformation in education

The module “Training & Competence management” in Azumuta helps with effective self-learning and on the job training. With mobile learning, learners can follow training from anywhere, at any time. Azumuta makes learning more accessible and lowers the threshold to freshen up knowledge. Visual training and training in the language your workers prefer make it accessible for non-native speakers to start learning. Our 30-minute demo demonstrates the ins and outs of Azumuta.

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