Azumuta EdTech Solution: Make the Digi-jump with your School

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Technology is increasingly dictating how we live and work. Digitalization is also causing drastic changes in education. The covid pandemic forced many schools to take the digital leap at a rapid pace. Therefore, edtech (educational technology) has quickly become a powerful lever for future-oriented education. Digitalization is in this sense a great extension for classical education and improves its quality.

For this reason Minister Weyts announced the “Digi Jump”. To encourage schools to make that leap, 230 million will be made available for Flanders as a whole. As of next school year (2021-2022), schools will be able to use a blended learning model in which contact education and online tools enhance each other.

Edtech inspiration guide

Schools are often ready for digital transformation, but the transition is sometimes challenging. There are so many possibilities that schools do not know where to start first. That is why technology federation Agoria and the Minister of Education have joined forces. Together they have drawn up the new inspiration guide ‘Edtech’. In it, 24 Edtech companies offer their services in the area of digital learning resources, infrastructure, and competence monitoring in education. This inspiration guide is thereby a first step towards further shaping the supporting role of technology in learning.

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Azumuta’s role in the digitization of schools

Azumuta is an innovative digital platform designed to optimize and streamline the transfer of knowledge and instructions. Its current focus is on both the SMEs of today and the new digital factories of tomorrow. However, we see that a lot of customers are using Azumuta in their training centers. So, the Azumuta software can be used as a learning platform in schools as well.

With a few minor adjustments, Azumuta can therefore be used to create and maintain digital lessons. These are easily kept up-to-date so that learners always have the latest versions. Via a competence matrix, the educational levels of students can also be monitored. Additionally, the platform offers the possibility to communicate in real-time with each other or with teachers. Thanks to the implemented tests, it is also possible to check whether the study material has been understood and memorized.

Azumuta’s software package also encourages independent working and learning among students. By adding clear instructions and audiovisual support, students can process a large part of the learning material on their own. One advantage of this is that they immediately start working on the material themselves and will therefore remember things more quickly. This allows teachers to focus on extra clarification of the learning material in case of problems and difficulties. As a result, the learning material is processed faster and more efficiently and you stimulate personal development in practice.

Moreover, the Azumuta platform is also useful for practical lessons. All information is centralized on one platform and can be consulted directly on the computer, tablet or smartphone. This avoids paper piles and practical lessons are conducted in an efficient and eco-friendly way. In addition, AR and VR applications can be used for students. Ideal in preparation for their future professional careers.

Make the Digi Jump with Azumuta

Is your school ready for the digital future? Encourage personal development behind the school desks, quickly and easily in an innovative way thanks to Azumuta.

Jump on the digital train with your school and contact us for more information!

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