Controlling Work Instructions with Voice Commands

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Get some more experience? Always a good idea! Young violence is what drives us as ‘Azumutiers’. Every semester, we offer college and university students the opportunity to do an internship at Azumuta. Whether you want to advance in research, software development, sales, marketing…. We are happy to help you kick off towards the job market.

After your studies, your brilliant internship follows – or you can also just do it while you are still at school. At Azumuta you will join a tech startup with a heart for SaaS software. No, you really don’t have to fetch coffee or maintain our botanical garden. You just run along, just like the rest of the pack.

And we love to spoil our interns! Benjamin, a computer science student at the VUB, has spent the past few weeks participating in the daily operations of Azumuta, and on top of that the project of our speech command launched.

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From now on it is possible to control Azumuta with voice commands. Thus, operators can easily give commands. For example, an operator can shout “next” to his tablet/computer and after Azumuta finishes analyzing the voice command, the next work instruction will appear on the screen.

For now, the tool can only execute the commands next and previous, in both English and Dutch. Since the speech model fully recognizes both languages, the number of commands can be expanded very easily. In the future we would like to strive that an operator – when asked for numeric input – can say the numbers instead of typing them on his tablet or computer.

Please note: The use of speech in Azumuta is experimental and is currently still in beta.

Controlling Work Instructions with Voice Commands


Let’s work together!

As you can see, interns at Azumuta become real colleagues. We are very proud of their completed final projects. Are you also eager for an internship with us? Send us your CV and motivation letter. We are always looking for motivated and talented enthusiasts.

And who knows, you might even stick around! 😉

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