Saving Time on the Production Floor: here’s how you do it!

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Time is Money. As a production manager you have many ideas and plans for your production floor. Every company wants to work as efficiently as possible. Production processes must run smoothly and deadlines must be met. Losing time is a failure, because Time is Money. Discover in our blog post why Time Management is so important in the manufacturing industry.

What Does Time Management Mean for Production Companies?

Time Management is a common trend frequently used in manufacturing companies. It’s the collective term for skills to plan and organize as effectively and efficiently as possible. Through good organization you work more efficiently so you can focus on your highest priority.

If you arrange Time Management properly, you profit so many advantages:

  1. Less complexity and more-calmness among employees, which leads to better collaboration.
  2. By proactively managing your available time, you will retain more time for other projects.
  3. Less stress! Employees can work more productively.

The Importance of Time Control

It’s a big challenge for production companies to maintain their production process structure. So many companies are committed to Time Management in order to avoid catastrophic scenarios. Through this, their productivity improves and they reduce long-term costs.

After all, we live in a society where time is money and innovation represents the future. Technological tools can be useful to lighten the operator’s work load. So, use the latest tools to progress your production.

How do you Become the Ultimate Time Manager?

Here are our 7 tips & tricks to guide you to a better workflow.

#1 Make digital to-do lists

Use a to do list where you differentiate between the important and less important tasks.You can maintain your list digitally using a software platform. With Azumuta’s software you can use the planning module. The production manager and operator can monitor and adjust the planning online.

#2 Work in team

Collaborate with colleagues. In this way your work is viewed from multiple perspectives and you deliver a higher quality.

#3 Communicate clearly but quickly

In case of internal problems on the production floor. Make sure your supervisor is easily accessible to deal with these problems. This saves the operator a lot of time.

#4 Establish clear priorities for operators

Operators should be able to differentiate which task is the most urgent in the short term.

#5 Keep an overview of the entire factory floor

Operators get a complete overview of what is happening or needs to happen on the shop floor, at any time.

#6 Order planning

Schedule orders automatically. In that way, production employees always work on the right order. The status of the order is always clearly visualized.

#7 Customized capacity planning

Match supply and demand of capacity in an optimal way. Find out how many employees are available who are capable of carrying out the work.

But be Aware of Pitfalls!

Time management is about two concepts: planning and organizing. For many people it is an art to organize their time effectively. Still, we often see several mistakes coming back.

Don’t postpone but start today

From postponement comes adjustment. Often, time management comes last. As a result, high-priority projects are regularly delayed. Start your day with a task that has a high priority. Use the right tools that can help you.

Ask plenty of questions

Each production plan should start with a few questions: what products do you need to produce to meet demand? What quantity do you need to produce? And what materials do you need to achieve that quantity? Because the purchase of many materials requires a longer turnaround time than the typical customer order, most manufacturing companies rely on past demand to estimate their purchasing needs in advance.

Customers rely on the efficiency of your company, so it makes sense to invest in production planning. Production companies can save a lot of time and money by planning and organizing well.

Don’t forget to communicate to your employees

After you have determined that you will focus on time management, the plan must be communicated to the employees who will execute it. The best you could do is to schedule the production using the right software to speed up the process. However, a visual representation is preferred as a means of communicating work schedules to operators.

Using Azumuta’s planning management tool all these things become child’s play and you will see visible results.

Are You in!?

Industry 4.0 allows us to focus on improvement. The market changes continuously and so do the demands of the customers. But one thing is for sure, the customer needs his product as soon as possible. So choose the right tool that helps you to save time.

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