Scouting Industry 4.0 with Azumuta

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In this fourth industrial revolution, technologies are rapidly changing the way manufacturing companies conduct their operations. But for the manufacturing industry, such a digital transformation is not an easy task.

In order to optimally support these companies, Voka has created a new initiative, the Scouting 4.0 project. This is a project to motivate and inspire manufacturing companies in their digital transformation. This according to the principle: “Catch the wave, before the wave catches you.” As a major player in digital work instructions, Azumuta also participated in this event to support manufacturing companies.

Scouting 4.0 project

Through the Scouting 4.0 process, Voka sought out six innovative manufacturing companies that have already taken their first steps towards digitalization and Industry 4.0. Each host company brings its own insights and experiences about their digital transformation process. In this way, participants get an idea about the preparation that is necessary in such a transformation.

During this live session, two independent providers also get the chance to share their expertise with the participants. Each provider is part of the Industry 4.0 journey and contributes to the digitalization of manufacturing companies.

Participants are then taken for an interactive tour of the production. This way, theory is linked to practice! Each session of the Scouting 4.0 project ends with a networking opportunity where participants can ask all their pressing questions.

Live seminar: operator support and digital work instructions

The Scouting 4.0 session in which Azumuta participated focused on Operator Support and Digital Work Instructions. As a leader in digitizing work instructions, Azumuta was the ideal partner for this event.

Baltimore Aircoil Company

We participated in an exclusive visit to Baltimore Aircoil Company. A company that made the decision two years ago to jump on the digital train with Azumuta as its driver. Baltimore Aircoil, and more specifically Dominique Theeuwen, Geert Jacobs & Bart Helsen gave their interesting insights and testimonials on the use of digital work instructions and operator support within their organization.

Participants also had the chance to see how Azumuta was applied in practice. Currently, Baltimore Aircoil uses the Azumuta platform to digitize work instructions and training.

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Key learnings providers

Alongside Baltimore Aircoil International, Batist Leman (CEO Azumuta) and Johan De Geyter (CEO Iristick) were given the opportunity to explain their vision and expertise on the topic.

With the shift towards mass customization, companies need digital work instructions that support their operators in working in a customized way. For digital work instructions you can use various technologies such as Informed Reality (IR), whereby operators are guided in their tasks. This can be done, for example, by projecting photos or videos onto a pair of work glasses. But VR and AR can also certainly be used.

Thanks to these two providers, the participants got a clear picture of what possibilities digital work instructions and IR can bring and how you can easily automate this process.

Take your first steps towards digitalization!

Azumuta assists manufacturing companies in improving their performance by empowering factory workers to solve problems and progressively offer information on the factory floor. This by centralizing knowledge and operations in one tool.

Our software connects operators, supervisors and managers to every aspect of production and supports a culture of continuous improvement. Are you ready for your digital transformation? Book your free demo now and find out how Azumuta can take your business to the next level.

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