Sett Gent: Speed Up Your Digital Transformation with Azumuta

Azumuta took part in the Sett Gent event on the digitalization and innovation of education. The Learning Management System of Azumuta can help to train students and employees through instructions on its digital platform.
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In the past few months we have intensively been developing our new LMS-module (Learning Management System). This new module makes it possible for us to provide easy and accessible training in the production and logistics sector based on work instructions. You can link competencies to this module, which will keep you up to date with the specific competence level of every employee/operator.

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Sett Gent

On 23 and 24 February, the exhibition for modern and innovative learning took place. Sett Gent stands for ‘School education transformation technology’. At this event, numerous visitors were able to get to know more than 100 different companies and organizations that want to innovate education with the help of the latest technologies. The fair was mainly aimed at teachers, authorities, educational associations and others, from preschool to adult education.

Digital is the way to go. Education, but also companies, will have to innovate to stay relevant. The focus of Sett Gent was therefore on the digitalization of education, online developments and the further innovation and expansion of e-learning platforms.

Possibilities of Azumuta in education

Azumuta is an innovative digital platform, designed to optimize the transfer of knowledge and instructions in manufacturing companies. The focus lies mainly on SMEs, but also on the new digital factories of tomorrow. However, we noticed that customers often used Azumuta in their training centres. With our innovative Learning Management System you can quickly and easily provide customised training.

In our system, knowledge is stored centrally within the organization, so the training and skill levels of employees can be monitored through competence matrices. These matrices are displayed in an accessible way so that everyone is capable of working with the software. The data can be consulted via mobile devices such as a tablet or smartphone in various formats such as text, illustrations or videos. In some cases, we also offer AR or VR applications. We also provide version management. That way changes within instructions are highlighted and users don’t have to go through the whole instruction to see what has changed.

Spreker Sett Gent

Azumuta offers software that in its current form can be used as a learning platform. The software is so adaptable that it is able to fit into many different frameworks. For example, the software can be used to develop digital lessons. These lessons can effortlessly be kept up to date so that students always learn the most recent facts.

By using a competence matrix, progress levels of students can easily be tracked. Students can use the platform to communicate in real time with each other or with teachers. The platform allows users to add tests to check whether or not the learning material has been understood and remembered. The software of Azumuta enables students to learn and work independently and at their own pace. Instruction and audio-visual support can be added to assist students in independently processing their learning material.

The advantages of this are that students can start working faster and get through the necessary learning material in a shorter amount of time. Because students can work more independently, teachers can focus on extra clarification and guidance for students who need it. Any problems and difficulties that students experience can be solved more quickly. As a result, tailored education can be offered to every student. With Azumuta you stimulate personal development in an innovative way.

What about the future?

Azumuta originated from the manufacturing and industrial sector. From the start the mission was to help manufacturing companies optimize the transfer of knowledge and instructions. Later, we noticed that much more was possible with Azumutas platform and that it could also be used within education to train people in an accessible and easier way. Although at first glance we do not seem to be connected to education, we are honored that we can also help to find and develop solutions for the education sector in the future.

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