Smart use of technology – A further step towards workable work

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More and more technologies are coming on the market to support your business, make production more efficient and scalable, and optimize business processes. But how do you find your way as a company among these new technologies, and more importantly, how do you deploy them efficiently, to relieve your employees cognitively and physically?

While technological changes in companies bring many benefits, they also create a great deal of stress. The stress that is associated with technological change is called ‘technostress’. It can be defined as “the negative psychological link between people and the introduction of new technologies.”

We are convinced that technology opens many doors with possibilities, but we also know that the right support is needed to make sure these changes survive.

Azumuta supports employees to facilitate the technological transition:

  • We provide a pilot period during which the involved people can get used to our software and the functionality of our system.
  • Operators can opt for a personalized view that best suits their needs.
  • We offer tools that simplify and accelerate the access of information through the use of QR-codes, Quicklinks…

Flanders make event - Technostress and new technologies

New technologies will shape the future for many companies and employees from different industries. Staying up to date with the latest trends is essential. Through insightful speeches from various experts in the field and several live demos, we learned everything about the newest technologies and their possibilities at this Flanders Make event, as well as the effects of technostress and how to avoid it!

Want to know more?

Support your operators with visual, paperless instructions and help them with performing daily tasks and complex processes. Learn about the main principles of our SaaS solution and how manufacturing companies digitally transform their operations with Azumuta in our 30-minute demo.

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