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A week ago was our live closing event for the end of our Cosmo research project. During the morning, we welcomed many teachers, principals, educational supervisors … The stimulating conversations afterwards and the emails with deeper questions that followed in the evening show once again that education is really eager to dive into the virtual world or use virtual objects in reality with augmented reality.

During the morning, industry representatives came to talk about the origins of COSMO and the importance of AR /VR to the future of industry and education. Imec.icon was explained and Smart Education @ Schools also excited several participants. Pieternel Sebrechts (Hoge Kouter Kortrijk) and Philip Vandervelden (Dominiek Savio Gits) shared their own tips & tricks on AR in special education and answered questions from the audience afterwards. Lars Van den Put (GO! Technisch Atheneum Keerbergen) and Pieter Schutijser (GO! Eureka, Torhout) closed the morning with their do’s & don’ts for Virtual Reality in the classroom or school.

In the afternoon, the industrial appetite was satisfied and the technical side of the research was explored in greater depth. Among others, a broader look at personalized learning and adaptability, stress measurements, and automation of VR /AR training were discussed in depth. Both during the break and after the various presentations, there was the opportunity to watch some demos and talk to all the partners involved.

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Thank you to all the partners who participated at COSMO and thank you to all the loyal followers and enthusiasts, you were a very appreciative audience!

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