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The rise of digitalisation and introduction of industry 4.0 has created a ton of new opportunities and possibilities for companies. Unfortunately these new technologies also pose new challenges. 

Machines, administration, planning and communication all use different applications and software. In addition to the dangers created by cyber crime, Managing all these tools and software is far from easy. Keeping track of all these apps and different datastreams is extremely time consuming.

One platform to manage all

Here at Azumuta, it’s our mission to make your life easier. We have developed a digital platform where you can integrate these tools. Some examples already supported in Azumuta are:

  • Google Drive: Connect with Google Drive and access your files in Azumuta wherever you are.
  • ERP systems: compare real time production date to the targets set in your ERP.
  • Power BI: Consult your overviews at a moment’s notice.
  • Authentication software: choose who can access your data with a simple click.
  • Communication software: keep your employees connected and notify them immediately on any changes.
  • Office 365: Share and edit documents with multiple people at the same time. Progress is automatically stored online.
  • Microsoft dynamics: Adapt and innovate with a wide portfolio of business applications that empowers your organization to deliver operational excellence and delight every customer.

Review, analyse and plan with a simple click, tap or swipe.

All the information is centralised in Azumuta. With just a few clicks supervisors can consult overviews about what’s happening on the factory floor or check the output of production. Workers are kept up to date on the latest changes and new work instructions can immediately be forwarded. Problems are instantly reported and alert the right people so a solution can be found as soon as possible.

Schedule on-the-job training, improve the skills of your workers and track their progress in the competency matrix. Through the different tools embedded within Azumuta the training process for new employees is significantly shortened. By systematically planning training for your employees you can transform them into an expert workforce ready to tackle the most challenging tasks.

Link your other apps to Azumuta

By linking your storage apps to Azumuta employees can access the files they need at any time. New updates are immediately forwarded in the system so you no longer have to worry whether the operators have the latest version. The files can be accessed from our app or by scanning a QR-code. New updates are highlighted so experienced operators don’t have to read through the entire process whenever changes occur.

Connecting your ERP-system to Azumuta allows you to instantly compare the data and output from your production with the objectives set within your ERP. In the overviews you will be able to see where certain objectives aren’t met so you can allocate resources to solve any problems or improve the productivity of certain departments.

The number one tool to manage your company

Azumuta gives you the possibility to integrate all of your other systems in one platform that’s straightforward to use. You can manage your company through one platform that provides you with fantastic overviews so nothing gets overlooked. In addition to these managing functions, Azumuta also offers a variety of features to support your entire workforce.

Visit our website to learn more about these features.

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