Why should I invest in Ergonomics? Because Employees are the Backbone of your Business!

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Back pain, knee problems or tennis elbow these injuries occur more and more often. There’s a direct correlation with the increase in the average age of the working population. This is obviously a consequence of the increase in the retirement age and the aging of the population. A solution for these problems is long overdue.

Mens sana in corpore sano

A healthy mind in a healthy body. This saying was established over 2 millennia ago and should be one of the core values within every company. Healthy and fulfilled employees create a pleasant environment where people like to come to work. But it also brings benefits on a financial level. Healthy employees, both mentally and physically, are less absent due to illness and are generally more productive.

The importance of ergonomics

Musculoskeletal disorders are the leading category of work-related illnesses in industrialized countries. In 2017, the cost due to disability in Flanders was 8 billion euros. For the first time, these costs were higher than the cost for unemployment benefits. It is therefore even more important to carry out studies that research the impact jobs have on our health.

The main cause of musculoskeletal disorders is working in non-ergonomic positions,that’s why more and more attention is being paid to ergonomics in the industry.

Unfortunately, conducting ergonomic studies and surveys is not straightforward. The procedures are cumbersome and mostly conducted on paper. In addition, analyses are often only carried out after problems have occurred. On the one hand, a change in mentality is needed. But the procedures also need to be reviewed. It must be easier for companies and employees to carry out ergonomic checks.

The Ergo-EyeHand project

That is why several Flemish companies have joined forces and started the Ergo-EyeHand project in 2019. Azumuta is one of those companies. It is our mission to keep innovating and provide our customers with the best possible support through our platform. With the results of this study, we are going to work on adding a module in our platform to make ergonomic studies faster and easier. In the near future, it will be possible to perform digital ergonomics checks through Azumuta.

By replacing cumbersome procedures with a digital procedure, we want to make ergonomics checks more accessible, allowing ergonomics checks of all workstations. Every employee, whether in an office or on the factory floor, should have the opportunity to have an ergonomic analysis to prevent health problems in the long run.

Employees are the the backbone of every company. Therefore, the well-being of employees should be given the highest priority. Azumuta wants to support employees and companies in the best possible way. We are therefore happy to invest in innovative projects such as the Ergo-EyeHand project. We like to share the expertise we gain in those projects with our customers.

A cooperation with Azumuta does not only mean a digital platform to take your company to the next level, but also a platform that keeps innovating to offer you the latest techniques and technologies.

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