Workshops to help SME’s with Production Software

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Do you need production software that has the same flexibility as your production environment? Modular, scalable and flexible production software modules make it easier than ever for SMEs to connect with Industry 4.0. But how do you start such a process?

What is it about?

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is production software to optimize the efficiency and transparency of a production process. Because MES projects used to be too generic, expensive and not flexible enough, many companies missed the MES 3.0 train. That’s a pity, because to remain competitive, companies need reliable, flexible and scalable production software.

Ready-to-use and affordable tools with enough data storage and computing capacity are currently available and offer companies the opportunity to dive quickly into the fourth industrial revolution. This testing ground informs, advices and guides SMEs in their MES 4.0 process.

Why is this interesting for you?

We are targeting all production companies that want to introduce an MES, but partly due to some specific requirements (large product variation, small numbers, high flexibility) don’t have sufficient insight into the possibilities and fail to achieve this in a cost-efficient and accessible manner, says Johannes Cottyn, professor at the Department of Industrial Systems and Product Design of UGent and project leader of this testing ground.

We provide SMEs an overview of MES 4.0 technology and help them estimate the costs and benefits. Furthermore, we develop an objective and structured methodology for a job requirement study and cost-benefit analysis, which enables them to complete their MES process faster and cheaper.

What is the offer?

The testing ground consists of a demonstration and an experimental environment. The Optics pilot line of B-Phot in Gooik illustrates a real MES 4.0 project from A to Z. In the experimental environment in Kortrijk, you can get started with a wide range of MES 4.0 components.

They also organize events, workshops and demonstrations at both locations. In the lab in Kortrijk, they also want to hold six hackathon experimentation sessions on specific themes, applied to concrete business cases.


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More information about the MES4SME project can be found on the VLAIO website.

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