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8D Report Template

Looking to create an 8D report to help you communicate your findings during the problem-solving process? Our 8D worksheet provides a means of communication within companies to allow for transparent problem-solving which you can apply to the entire production or process chain. 

Use our 8D template to help you navigate through the eight disciplines, and provide a structure for clear and concise collaboration between team members. 

Download our free 8D template and discover how you can use it to improve

  • Product quality, 
  • time and cost management, 
  • Product efficiency.

Be a transparant company, track progress and ensure that corrective actions are taken in a timely manner. Start now!

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IoT 3

The leading Process Visualization and Management Tool designed for Manufacturing Industries

Continuous improvement​

Make ongoing improvement of products possible. Use the kanban boards and locate bottlenecks and delays to make optimization possible.

Root Cause Analysis​

Manage the root causes of your process's problems. Get access to all the data of products, issues can be quickly identified and resolved to minimize impact.​

Facilitate Value Stream Mapping​

Get an overview of how products move through the manufacturing process. Gain insight into the supply chain and the value stream of their operations.​

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