Gemba Walk Checklist

A gemba walk checklist is a lean manufacturing tool that management uses to acquire and document firsthand knowledge regarding topics like quality, safety, productivity and efficiency. During gemba walks, managers and operators can determine if work processes are being carried out according to standards.

Download our basic gemba walk checklist template and improve efficiency and reduce waste in your frontline operations. With our effective gemba checklists, you can:

  • Document work procedures and processes in one central place.
  • Identify, track and trace and prevent issues faster with real-time metrics.
  • Collaborate with staff to address current issues.
  • Create custom approval workflows and determine who can manage, approve, and release new versions of instructions.

Keep in mind that not all options are included in the free gemba walk checklist form.

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Future proof your operations

In an evolving industry with a shifting workforce, it’s more important than ever to connect frontline workers with digital strategies:

  • Increase accessibility & control on the shopfloor.
  • Reinforce updated standards.
  • Train to your standards and reduce human errors.
Azumuta Gemba walk

The leading Work Instructions Software designed for Manufacturing Industries

Revision history​

View and compare different versions of edits that are made to your standards. Approve draft versions as a new revision official version. Identify which elements have changed in detail.​

Custom approval workflows​

Standard work instructions can immediately be approved or officialized by one person or multi-person approval (provided the appropriate rights).​

Visual Work Instructions​

Take photos or videos directly on the shop floor and add them to your standard work instructions.​