Ebook Quality Management in Industry 4.0

New digital technologies and the industrial internet of things (IIoT) are causing significant changes in quality management. Due to fast technological breakthroughs, industrial companies have recognized digital transformation as a core strategic direction, but executives and quality experts are left wondering how these transformations will affect the future of quality management.

Proactive firms will be able to approach the future of quality management by changing standards, choosing the right QMS tool, merging data analytics with human insights, and upgrading training.

Download our free ebook on Quality Management and Auditing and deep-dive into:

  • The impact of Industry 4.0 on Quality Management.
  • How digital QMS technologies assist in the improvement of quality metrics.
  • How to easily digitize your quality control process and Quality Management Strategy.

Learn innovative strategies that align with your quality and digital transformation objectives. Make complex quality control processes understandable!

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Become ISO 9001 Compliant

Thanks to procedures, standards, online training, and better communication, Azumuta's platform can streamline your quality requirements and enable your organization to comply with ISO standards.

Azumuta Device work station

The leading Work Instruction and QMS Software Tool designed for Manufacturing Industries

Automated quality control

Manage production and quality process controls by collecting critical data during your operations. Identify problems or human errors in production before they occur on the shop floor.

Easy access

Frontline workers can access information directly from the shop floor (via a QR code) on a tablet or smartphone.

Streamline documents

Streamline data collection to manage quality control easily and increase productivity in the field.