Download Our Free Excel-Friendly Skills Matrix Template

Download our free Excel-Friendly Skills Matrix Template to simplify complex skill tracking. Visualize your employees’ skills, conduct gap analyses, and plan training effortlessly. Edit it with Excel, Google Sheets, or other tools. Optimize team performance and make data-driven decisions with ease. Explore the power of skills matrices in our ultimate guide!

Skills Matrix Template

Creating a well-designed skills matrix is a complex and time-consuming task. A good skills matrix must visualize and act as a tracking board of your employee’s skills and training progress.

Thus, we have made a skills matrix template example that you can download for free. After downloading, you can edit it using Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or other spreadsheet tools.

A skills matrix can be used for multiple uses within an organization, such as:

  • Visually map your employees’ skill levels and training history
  • Conducting a skills gap analysis
  • Planning and keeping track of short and long-term employee training programs
  • Distributing tasks within a team
  • Arranging a weekly employee roster

With a skills matrix, you will able to see your employees’ skill levels and keep track of their training progress with just a single glance – ensuring all of your decisions are data-driven.

Experience our Powerful Skills Matrix Software

Azumuta’s skills matrix & training platform has handy features such as real-time notifications, automatically generated individual employee skills reports, and effortless team collaboration thanks to multi-device & multi-user access.

screenshot of a skill matrix in azumuta

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