Use Azumuta for Quality Management

Streamline and digitize your product quality inspections, with digital checklists

Move beyond paper-based quality control methods and manual processes. Automate your product quality inspections with digital checklists. From incoming inspections to final product checks, Azumuta makes it easy to get real-time product quality insights, with data capture and analysis on your mobile device.


Put the power of Azumuta's digital checklists to work for your business and improve product quality while reducing inspection times.

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Create product work instructions

Ensure that your quality control teams have the right information at their fingertips with easy-to-use checklists.

Add & configure checks

Add as many quality control checks as you need to your digital checklists and configure them to your specific needs.

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Create product orders

Group products together by order to get an overview of all quality control activities for a particular order.

Operator-selected product orders

Allow operators to select and work on product orders via their (mobile) devices.

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Audit schedule for manufacturing

Operator fills in product traceability report

With all the relevant information in one place, operators can fill in quality control reports quickly and easily.

Live monitoring of product quality

Get real-time insights into the status of your product quality with live monitoring on your mobile or desktop.

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Quality issues follow up

In the event of quality issues, follow up is quick and easy with Azumuta.

Product Traceability report

A product traceability report gives you the full history of a product, from its creation to when it leaves your facility.

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Analysis & Reporting

Get important insights into your quality control process with our comprehensive analysis and reporting capabilities.

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