The Seven Advantages of QR Codes and Barcodes in Manufacturing

How easily can your operators find out product or batch information?
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Published on:
09 February 2021
Updated on:
22 February 2024

QR- and barcodes, you see them appearing more and more. A method by which all the right information can be called up at lightning speed via all mobile devices. Just on the spot, at the machine on the shop floor.

Difference Between Barcodes and QR Codes

They are often mentioned in the same breath: QR and barcodes. Yet we are talking about two different types of systems on the production floor. In Azumuta we use both methods. But what is the difference between the two?

A barcode contains information only in the vertical direction (the dashes). A QR code, on the other hand, can hold much more information due to its two-dimensional nature. A QR code stores information both vertically and horizontally.

Barcodes in Azumuta

When not using barcodes on the production floor, information from order forms is often written down or entered manually. This way of working naturally brings with it the necessary errors, which has consequences on the reliability of the manufactured product. The implementation of a barcode system is the ideal solution here.

In Azumuta you can use barcodes where data is collected at a high rate. With this, the scanner scans a barcode (attached to order form, packaging, etc.), which provides certain information, which is then sent to the Azumuta software.

The code represents certain information, for example, a product number. In Azumuta, each product number is linked to the correct work instruction. The information from scanned codes helps production workers process the items correctly.

Barcode scanning is the most common way to bring order to the processing of order forms. It ensures that all product information is correct and immediately communicated correctly to all employees.


QR Codes in Azumuta

With the Quick-link QR codes in Azumuta you link work instructions, procedures and other info directly on a zone, workstation or machine. Operators can scan QR codes using their tablet or smartphone to access the instructions or procedures at their workstation. We apply QR codes at different levels: audits, work instructions, etc.

An operator scans the QR code, and is immediately presented with the most relevant work instructions. These codes are often located at the machine on the shop floor. A second way is a code that leads to a specific operation of the tool. All the info you assign to the quick-link is immediately visible when scanned.

Not only for work instructions do we use QR codes within Azumuta. We also use this principle for performing audits.

Whether it is the replacement of a part, the adjustment of a machine or the performance of maintenance and tour audits: whoever scans the QR code knows immediately what to do. Has the audit been adjusted? Then the operator will see the update on his or her screen the same day.

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7 Advantages of QR Codes

Simple and easy to use
QR codes can be created very easily in Azumuta. Scanning can be done via any digital device.

All your work instructions and procedures are at hand, at the machine itself, on the shop floor. They are accessible to everyone and are always up-to-date.

Safeguarding knowledge and experience
All knowledge and experience is stored in Azumuta. Employees do not have to keep anything up to date themselves. This also makes it easy for new or less experienced employees.

Videos and photos
Codes don’t just give you the ability to display textual forms. They also offer your operators visual support. Work instructions can always be clarified with videos or photos.

Think before you print!
Bye, bye kilos of printed manuals and unstructured bundles of paper.

Small in use
A code should be at least 1.5 by 1.5 cm. This means that a code can be used even on the smallest devices in your company.

Always the latest version of a document
Changes to work instructions or procedures are continuously updated. So operators always have the latest version.

In short, QR and barcodes are an efficient tool within your production environment and create an enormous flexibility for your employees.

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