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ERP Connection

Seamless and efficient flow of information between Azumuta and your ERP system.

Seamless integration

Order creation

Order status

Bidirectional data exchange

Automated notifications

Export DOCX Reports

Export your product traceability reports to a custom DOXC.

Customizable layout

Selectable data fields

Immediate access in Word

Data & Analytics Dashboard

Keep track of your shop floor performance in real time.

Real time

Quality monitoring


Peripherals Devices

Connect Azumuta to the peripheral devices used on the shop floor to ensure quality.

Device integration

Streamlined data capture

Customizable workflows

Device agnostic

Time Study

Unlock the power of productivity with precision.

Process optimization

Labor planning and resource allocation

Continuous Improvement

Cost analysis

Bundle Plans!

Combine different plans and features to adjust to your business needs.