An Introduction to Mobile Learning

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Are your operators always on the move but their learning is location bound? Struggling with a lack of visibility into the skill set of your employees? Say no more, we got you covered! Get your colleagues on the same track with mobile learning and start to leverage each skill set of each operator.

Centralize your company knowledge and training, and upskill your team in a more dynamic and efficient way. Gain more control over the skill levels of your employees by tracking every operator’s progress in real-time.

Create more employee empowerment by implementing mobile learning. It’s definitely the way to go in every modern manufacturing company! Read on to discover the ins-and-outs of this new training phenomenon.

What is mobile learning?

Mobile learning or M-learning is a way of learning new things by accessing the content through a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Mobile learning refers more to the person than the device, with mobile learning the learner himself can be mobile. Learning is possible anytime, and everywhere you want and is not location bound anymore. Smartphones and tablets are already used for all sorts of day-to-day activities, so why not for learning?

M-learning versus E-learning

E-learning is an umbrella term under which we can place M-learning. E-learning is online learning by using a browser, this generally means using a laptop connected to the internet which makes you location bound.

M-learning uses an app that can be installed on a smartphone or a tablet and can be used on the go wherever you are. This being said, we can conclude that M-learning is a mobile form of e-learning but not vice-versa.

E-learning can be used for more complex and in depth training, and therefore for longer lessons. M-learning is better for teaching shorter lessons to freshen up knowledge and for quick training.

Advantages of mobile learning

Mobile learning can be done at any place, any time. This mobility makes it super accessible for everyone, which motivates the learners even more. It is diverse, agile and fast and completely personalized to the needs of every individual in the company.

Learners can follow courses and instructions when they really need it, resulting in more flexibility and time-saving. Easily integrate mobile learning in your training workflows and accommodate operators with the right training at the right time. Because workers get trained on the shop floor, there is less time needed for additional training!

Mobile learning allows learners to get real-time feedback on what they have been doing. It creates a community where everyone can share experiences and insights, learners can reach out to instructors, give comments and stay connected in general.

Disadvantages of mobile learning

Even though mobile learning has a lot of advantages, there are a few things to keep in mind when using m-learning.

Mobile learning is not suitable for complex materials and long courses. Effective m-learning teaches short courses that are to the point and can be completed on the go. No long boring courses where learners get distracted and unmotivated anymore!

The use of a smartphone or tablet entails the risk that the learners get distracted by other applications or notifications. Make clear agreements with your employees about the use of other apps during a training session!

The use of a smartphone or tablet requires a good internet connection. Not always easy when your learners are on the move, keep this in mind!

How to implement M-Learning in your company

I bet you are wondering how you can implement all this in your own company. Don’t worry, Azumuta has the answer to all of your questions! Mobile learning makes it easy to start and pause training from everywhere!

Mobile learning module 
Azumuta has a mobile learning module in which learners can complete training on the go. Learners can adjust their training schedules while you track their progress in real-time and get an overview of the skills and competences of the learners. New updates are always available in real-time with the mobile app. This way gaps can be noticed and switches can be made between workstations and operators.

IOS and Android apps
Bring collaborative learning anywhere with our mobile app through IOS, Android and Windows. Users can always keep learning, even offline! This results in Azumuta taking away the difficulty of always needing a good internet connection.

Push training notifications 
Don’t risk losing your learners, push notifications when operators need additional training or when instructions are updated. The learning is completely personalized to the needs of every learner and can always be adapted. Based on the learner’s training history, automatic training and notifications can be set.

Use images and videos
Employees can easily click through the individual work steps, and at the same time document possible irregularities or errors. Azumuta uses images and videos to make every step of the training as clear as possible!

Support non-native speakers in your company. Training courses can be set up in the language your workers prefer, say goodbye to miscommunications because Azumuta is made for everyone!

Richard Branson once said “A company’s employees are its greatest asset and your people are your product”. Get the most out of these valuable people with our training solutions!

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