How Instruction Videos Motivate your Employees

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Our brain processes visual information much faster than textual information. No wonder employees would rather watch a video than read a manual. A good instructional video has the power to be really effective. People experience video as a pleasant experience to learn new information. A video reflects the real situation like no other. An instructional video not only grabs people’s attention, but also provides the necessary information to your employees.

Benefits of an Instructional Video

Training with an instructor is time consuming and usually expensive. In addition, limited experience, trips to a training center or a possible language barrier often cause problems. On top of that, training is often personal. Not every operator can benefit from the same training. On the production floor, there will always be some operators who need different customized training. With instructional videos you can easily deal with this.

People experience videos as accessible and approachable. They hold attention much longer and interactive videos are by far the best way to learn new updates or new technologies. The biggest advantage of an interactive video is the way they communicate with the users. You can use them to train employees in a very targeted way.

With Azumuta, you create instructions directly from your smartphone, tablet or computer and centralize them in one place. You can let instructions speak for themselves by recording short videos. These explain in detail how to perform certain actions on products or machines.
All knowledge in one convenient tool, customized to each production worker.

Learning on the Job

Learning while seeing how something is done is always a better option. During training with an instructor, people tend to forget some details or forget which actions belong to which workstation. Therefore, learning on the job is better for your company and your employees.

Watching a video and watching it directly stimulates the brain to absorb and remember that information for a long period of time. That’s why we make it possible to create visual instructional videos for employees with Azumuta. Workers can access them at any time, simply by scanning a QR code attached to a machine or workstation. The instructions can be revisited countless times.

If you want to keep employees especially engaged in training then keep it simple and interesting. For example, create shorter instructional videos where their own team leader explains and names things. This will increase their curiosity and result in a better memory.

Benefits of Learning on the Job

Increasing performance: With high-quality training, your operators will perform better in their job function

Improve employee satisfaction: When learning, people are often surprised by their own skills, which gives them confidence in themselves

Addressing weaknesses: Once the training is complete, you can see all of your operators’ scores. This will enable you to see which operators need more training and support.

Consistency: There will be a consistent experience and a better knowledge of the company values. The introduction of new hires will be smoother.

Increased productivity: People know what’s expected of them and can work independently. Because they have more confidence in themselves, a positive effect is created and productivity will increase.

How to make the Perfect Instruction Video?

As we know by now, internal training has a positive effect on our spendings (company-related), but also on the confidence of our employees (employee-related). But how do you get started?

First things first. Before you think about video, you should check your budget and goals. Are you willing to pay a company that is specialized in making videos or would you choose to make short in-house videos? Maybe some of your employees are videographers in their free time, ask around! Involve them in the introduction of instructional videos.

When you start a video, don’t just start. No one likes it when they are thrown into the dark. Explain why they are watching this particular video. Set clear learning goals and guide them step by step to the finish line.

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Step 1: Reach your target group with the right message
Combine the right information with familiar situations and immediately draw the attention of your employees. If your message is clear, it will stick longer with the target group.
It is a way of visual storytelling.

Step 2: Decide what type of explanation video you want to make
Do you opt for longer videos that explain complex subjects or do you prefer several short videos? Think for example of the assembly of a product or the operation of a machine. Ask yourself how you are going to explain complicated subjects to your target audience?

Step 3: Communicate internal change
Employees do not always understand why change is vital to them. As a result, the process takes very long and the desired effect is not reached. To implement change successfully, your employees must feel part of that change.

Step 4: Take a look at other companies
How exactly are you going to implement videos? That choice is up to you. One thing is for sure, at Azumuta we make sure your videos are fully integrated into one tool along with all other instructions and information. Get inspiration from our customers.

Are you curious what instructional videos we could offer in your company? Do you want to introduce them in your team but you don’t know where to start? We do.

Our mission is to help production companies to invest in themself and their employees. Want to know more?
Go to Azumuta for our free demo.

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