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Lean Manufacturing: Tools & Implementation

In today’s society, where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, lean manufacturing plays a significant role in providing the right tools and techniques for companies to reduce waste and become more profitable.

Lean manufacturing is gaining a lot of popularity among the biggest industries because of its positive impact on overall performance. So why don’t you start now?

Download our free e-book on lean manufacturing implementation and find out:

  • What lean manufacturing means.
  • The different lean manufacturing principles.
  • What concepts and techniques are involved with lean manufacturing.
  • The different tools used in the lean manufacturing method such as Kanban boards, Jidoka, Just-in-time production, Poka Yoke, 5s analysis and more.
  • How you can achieve better results by implementing lean manufacturing in your company.

Start implementing lean manufacturing in your organization to eliminate waste, reduce costs, and strive for continuous improvement of your company’s processes.

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Start your lean manufacturing journey

Use customizable views like Kanban boards, PDCA or the Heijunka box in Azumuta to prevent and follow up on issues in a structured way. Easily spot bottlenecks and recurring errors in your production processes.

Use Azumuta to improve the quality of your operations and boost your company’s efficiency with lean manufacturing tools and techniques.

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The leading Process Visualization and Management Tool designed for Manufacturing Industries

Continuous improvement​

Make ongoing improvement of products possible. Use the kanban boards and locate bottlenecks and delays to make optimization possible.

Root Cause Analysis​

Manage the root causes of your process's problems. Get access to all the data of products, issues can be quickly identified and resolved to minimize impact.​

Facilitate Value Stream Mapping​

Get an overview of how products move through the manufacturing process. Gain insight into the supply chain and the value stream of their operations.​

A complete Gemba Walk checklist​

Discover how manufacturers are improving efficiency and productivity on the shop floor