New 3D File Viewer: Upload 3D Images To Your Work Instructions

Azumuta's users can now leverage 3D images across work instructions and other training material. With the 3D File Viewer, operators can have an interactive and always-up-to-date resource for manufacturing and assembly.
3D wireframe model of a washing machine, displayed on a grid. Controls for zooming and axis rotation in the x, y, and z directions are visible in the bottom right corner. The machine is green with a front-loading door and control panel on the front.
Published on:
13 April 2023
Updated on:
14 February 2024

The global manufacturing industry is massive, generating more than $16 billion USD. All that economic activity requires a significant boost in communication, product detail clarity, and inter-segment collaboration. Companies are rapidly turning to digital work to be able to maintain the high standards their customers expect.

Azumuta supports cutting-edge technology to unify work instructions, training documents, audits, product traceability, and other technical resources into a user-friendly platform.

Azumuta’s users can now leverage 3D images to offer the workforce a dynamic resource during training or day-to-day assembly.

With the 3D File Viewer, businesses will enhance their operations and reduce training time by providing front-line workers with interactive and comprehensive 3D models of the parts, products, and other items being produced. This level of visualization allows for higher quality control and efficiency.

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3D Model Reference Images and How To Use Them

3D models reference images can be used by operators, managers, and engineers. Within Azumuta the 3D images can be rotated and zoomed in on parts and products to better understand the assembly process. Users interacting with these 3D images can also comment, flag concerns, and provide feedback on the models.

Thanks to this dynamic digital resource, manufacturing teams can find new approaches to the overall process. Precision measurements readily available through an active visual make it easier to set machinery and equipment for the expected outcome, leading to more efficient development. A manipulative 3D model of an item provides the team with a better understanding of the expected outcome, potential roadblocks to overcome, quality control standards, and goals for better clarity and sentence structure.

The 3D File Viewer is available within Azumuta, so any member of the team can access it. Once engineering designs new 3D product images, these models can be uploaded to the project portfolio or work instructions just like images, text, reference materials, video, and PDFs.

Overall, this resource boosts production capabilities by having an additional reference point outside of a static option.

A computer screen displays a 3D modeling software interface. It shows detailed instructions to assemble washing machine components and an ongoing visualization process with a green model component. The interface includes various editing options and tools.

The Benefits of Using the 3D File Viewer

Having a 3D file viewer built into the central manufacturing software is a game changer when it comes to production processes. It’s a proactive tool for spotting potential issues long before they become cost-prohibitive roadblocks, allowing for quicker resolution and fewer production delays.

We’ve listed here the top benefits of the 3D File Viewer:

01 | Reduced Errors

2D images run the risk of not being detailed enough or showing the true scale of an object. Even with the best CAD drawings, there is a disconnect between what is on paper and what a final product build will look like. With the 3D File Viewer, operators can see all aspects of a product and interact with the various details that will reduce the potential errors others in the industry are experiencing. That saves the team time, money and ensures quality.

02 | Improved Collaboration

With a robust 3D File Viewer, manufacturers can better visualize their designs and desired outcomes. These can be easily shared with teams, customers, contractors, and other stakeholders, improving collaboration and communication between everyone involved. That keeps everyone working in alignment toward the same goals.

03 | Reduced Costs

Catching design flaws as early as possible in the design and manufacturing process reduces costly errors and reworks. Given the fluctuation of international markets, it always helps to have a business flexible enough to lower operating costs whenever necessary.

Collaboration Between Process Engineers and Operators

Being able to integrate a 3D File Viewer into a digital manufacturing software grants a specific advantage to engineering teams. In most manufacturing companies, engineering teams rely on CAD software to develop new products or update older parts.

Thanks to the 3D File Viewer, operators are able to get instant access to consulting in the manufacturing process based on these uploads and interactions. Having these resources close to hand reduces the overall learning curve for operators. In addition, it improves the production process because things are far clearer than with standard text worksheets. That all leads to greater production efficiency from ideation to final part delivery.

The 3D images uploaded can be consulted and updated in real time avoiding the use of outdated images. Also, having these files available within a single environment reduces friction between teams and saves time from having to swap between multiple projects or platforms due to complementary software.

A 3D virtual interface shows a model of a green washing machine with instructions to assemble various components. The model is positioned on a grid with XYZ axes. Red, green, and reset buttons are at the bottom, while the top bar displays

Start Uploading your 3D Images in Azumuta

Companies like Ashland, GE, and Adient, are already using Azumuta’s services to improve their manufacturing processes.

The 3D File Viewer is already available within Azumuta for existing users. It can be accessed from the admin account while creating or editing work instructions or articles.

New users can request a demo.

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