What About HR on the Shop Floor?

As HR professionals ponder how to manage a highly skilled and more demanding workforce – out in the production environment – managers and executives face another challenge.
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Published on:
09 November 2021
Updated on:
21 February 2024

Supporting the non-desk, blue-collar worker who doesn’t have the same backing as the generation of office workers. Azumuta addresses this challenge with its SaaS application and shows how HR managers can route this workforce segment to get them back on board.

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Azumuta is a seamless digital HR solution to support blue-collar workers. Their all-in-one tool and specific modules provide both workers and executives with a standardized way to monitor and accelerate technical training and skill development. This enables the workers to gain the relevant knowledge and technical skills right from the factory without any active involvement of their team leaders.

Unlike several HR platforms out there, Azumuta is built with the blue-color workers in mind. With Azumuta you can manage your workforce, while your employees will feel more empowered and autonomous, which enables them to take control of their learning process and collaborate with their fellow workers. This increases their motivation, satisfaction, and overall productivity.

During the interview, Batist Leman, CEO of Azumuta, said, “To attract new tech employees, we see that digital tools are a necessity. A lot of young people are used to working with digital tools at home, and then they end up in a factory environment where there is no such thing. That’s where the shoe pinches for a lot of people, and we see that these young people have a great need for tools like Azumuta. That’s what they get with a connected workforce app like Azumuta that has features that drive engagement.”

Azumuta Will Enable Factory Workers to Level up Their Skills Seamlessly and Faster

It can take weeks or even months to train your operational team to master complex products at an expert level without difficulty. Then, it can take years for them to develop the technical skills necessary to teach others, solve problems, and provide good ideas for continuous improvement.

How can your company address the skills gap? How can you make it easier for your entire workforce to learn continuously? And how can you reduce the burden of managing employee skills, so supervisors and HR managers waste less time on retraining and upskilling.

Finding the right solutions for these questions will save you time and the extra money you would have spent if it took you longer to train your frontline workers. The goal is to create a workforce that requires fewer human instructions to do their day-to-day tasks.

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“One of the challenges organizations face is the experience gap left when their long-time employees quit. Some of your employees have probably been with your company for decades. When they go, they take all their experience and tribal knowledge with them. With Azumuta, we solve this gap,” says Batist.

Azumuta has several modules that frontline workers and their team leaders can use to enable them to do their daily tasks and improve their technical skills over time.

Digital Work Instructions Module

“With this module, employees can learn how to perform a task or standard work to be done right at their workstation by viewing digital content supplemented by detailed photos and videos on a tablet or smartphone. The platform also gives them the option to scan a QR code on their machine and get direct access to all the instructions needed to operate that specific machine.”

The work instructions in Azumuta are distinguished into two; Work instructions for controlling machines (these are consulted sporadically) and work instructions that accompany production (these are descriptions of how to make a particular product). “This module is often combined with the Audits module. Audits are about checklists, which are often still kept on paper. With Azumuta, all these are digitized.”

Training and Competency Management Module

“With this module, operators take the lead in their learning and upping their skills. It enables them to only learn, when necessary, in the right way, and without constantly destructing the experienced employees from their work. This ensures everyone remains productive at their job.”

“This module will enable your frontline workers to acquire technical skills quickly and easily in an innovative way that keeps all knowledge at the heart of the business. It also enables supervisors to monitor training and skill levels for each worker seamlessly, which makes it easy for them to know the strengths and weaknesses of their teams.”

A digital competency matrix is displayed. On the left, various operators are scored on different skills using a color-coded system of numbers. On the right, an individual bar chart shows skill levels for three operators with an option to

“With Azumuta, employees have full-time access to all work instructions, training lessons, SOPs, tests, etc. Once the steps are completed, employees can take an online test, which is approved by their supervisor. The test score is then automatically assigned to their competency level. Because training is digital and available at any time, employees do not have to learn everything at once.”

The app also keeps track of what employees have been trained on and where they still need to train. This gives management and team leaders a clear picture of the training requirements of the different teams.

Product Checks Module

Azumuta also has a product controls module, which is about quality control. This module enables workers to check the quality of all the products using digital checklists. Your workers no longer have to carry around quality control checklist papers. This saves time and also ensures data is stored in real-time.

Shop Floor Feedback Module

This module enables production workers to report and give feedback about their tasks’ progress and share the challenges they are facing in real-time. With this module, workers can also submit ideas of work instructions within the application that may need improvement. This makes the application even more resourceful over time.

Once an issue or idea is submitted, team leaders are notified immediately. Having feedback in real-time enables supervisors and other responsible parties to follow up and find solutions to issues raised by their team much faster.

Any Time Follow-up Module

This module is for operators and production teams. It enables them to track production order status, analyze actual production times and identify bottlenecks in the production process. Having this real-time information and historical data improves workplace efficiency.

All-in-one Platform

“With all these modules put together, our customers that used to take over two months to train new workers can now do it in just a few days.” Azumuta also has a user-friendly UI that makes it easy for both the frontline workers and their team leader to interact with the different modules. The app is available on both iOS and Android.

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