“For me, it’s hugely valuable that everything is centralized in Azumuta. For Opsinox, that really makes the difference with other platforms.”

– Maartkin Demuynck, Operations Manager at Opsinox

Azumuta helps Opsinox shorten their lead times

The wood stove or fireplace, not only warm but also cozy on rainy or cold winter days. Innovations in flue gas discharge with more comfort and less consumption, that is what Opsinox stands for. Meanwhile, Opsinox offers a leading range in flue gas exhaust in both individual and collective systems.

“The know-how of the employees built up over the years means that the quality delivered is highly regarded by our customers. To this day, Opsinox delivers this quality, and we continue to invest in the development and production of new products offered with the known service and expertise,” says Anne Santens, CEO of Opsinox.

“We highly value customer service, a personal approach is an important part of this. Providing solutions, both standardized and customized, for the often complex challenges in flue gas extraction: that’s Opsinox!”

Efficient order picking and stock management

Due to the hustle and bustle that is sometimes present on a production floor, a warehouse can quickly become cluttered. That structure in order picking provides overview, Opsinox has also noticed. “In the past, our employees received orders on paper, which were then turned into production only to be picked by the warehouse worker. We really needed help in terms of processing our orders. The need for a solution like Azumuta came over time,” says Maartkin, Operations Manager at Opsinox.

“With Azumuta our operators can sign off orders themselves, in the past production orders sometimes stayed for 1 or 2 days because they were not traceable or one did not know where the order was located in the factory. We have also linked workstations to this. Now you can clearly see which workstations a product has to pass through. This makes it possible for our production manager to see remotely what stage the order is at.”

worker at opsinox

Stock Management

Azumuta’s stock management function also offers a solution. “Keeping track of all stock data has never been so easy” Because of Azumuta we have a much better grip on our stock management, this has allowed us to shorten our lead time and delivery time. We now deliver over 98% of our orders on time”

“Because we have been able to shorten our lead times we work much more make-to-order. We have many different types of items and practically every order is custom made. It is not feasible to always have all materials in every size in stock. This allows us to offer our customers a wide choice of models and designs,” says Maartkin.

Integration of digital work instructions

“Our employees really feel at home, give their best every day and are part of the Opsinox culture. They have 10 to 35 years of work experience. The long-term goal is to start using the work instruction module to its full potential. This way our current operators can share their experience to future employees.”

“Digitizing work instructions offers a number of obvious advantages for us. We have different types of items that are similar. But more and more customers are asking for a specific variant. This makes it difficult for operators to recognize the difference between the different product variants based on one title or one description.”

“Azumuta makes production in small series with a lot of variation much easier. Production is controlled from our ERP system Navision and the production workers are shown unique work instructions for each type of order.”

"Because of Azumuta, we have a much better grip on our inventory management. We now deliver over 98% of our orders on time"

Quality control and traceability

“As a manufacturer of customized solutions, we needed operator support in terms of quality and output controls. Our product range goes from stovepipes, stainless steel pipes, CLV chimneys, to different options for roof caps. So we have various types of applications in terms of length, diameter, insulation, gas-tightness, etc. We used to keep track of all those parameters on paper, now we record all those values in Azumuta.

“It’s much easier for our operators to perform checks via their tablets. It’s mobile, correct and visually strong. In the past, Excel files had to be printed out and kept. Let’s face it: thanks to Azumuta, that administrative part just disappeared.”

That is precisely the main advantage of Azumuta. “For me as Operations Manager, it’s hugely valuable that everything is centralized in Azumuta,” says Maartkin. “That really makes the difference for Opsinox compared to other platforms.”

MES “Light”

“We got to know Azumuta and their operator support system through Veltion. We searched for a long time for a good software. It was necessary for us too, we were looking for a light version of an MES, where the employees receive the right information at the right time.”

“After getting the demo, I was still amazed at the possibilities. During each meeting, that trust between Azumuta and Opsinox grew stronger and stronger. Pretty soon it became clear that Azumuta could answer all our questions.”

“Everything is possible in principle, the system offers so many possibilities and this from as simple to as detailed as you want.” says Maartkin.

Personalized customer service

Opsinox is successful because they are not satisfied with anything less than the best – and that includes customer service. Over the past few years, Opsinox has been working hard to take the customer experience to an even higher level.

“For us, it’s important that we own the service, if we promise something we deliver it. Hence the importance of continuing to digitize within Opsinox. Azumuta was the ideal step for us towards operator support, we now have full support for our operators and the factory floor.”

“In the future we will continue to focus on Customer Intimacy where exceeding in customer relations is key. Because for us it is precisely long-term partnership and an individual customer approach that set the tone in our production,” says Anne Santens, CEO of Opsinox.

This is how Azumuta helps companies like Opsinox:

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