“How Petersime lays the groundwork for more digitization with Azumuta”

– Alex Deleenheer, Process Engineer at Petersime

World champion in hatching eggs

Originated in the U.S. and world champion at hatching eggs. Petersime continues to expand and hatch. They have a 65 percent market share and are the world leader in the production of incubators and hatchery equipment.

From its headquarters in Belgium and branches in Brazil, China, Russia, Malaysia and India, Petersime is committed to dedicated customer service. With a sales network in more than 60 countries, they ensure both local and global expertise. With its technology and thanks to acquisitions, Petersime has become the absolute number one in its niche.

More digitization to optimize production processes

As the world’s leading builder of poultry incubators, Petersime strives for continuous improvement in the workplace. Quality, personal development and cooperation are of paramount importance. “We therefore offer our employees regular training on digitalization, safety procedures and risk analysis,” says Alex Deleenheer, Process Engineer at Petersime.

“We are always looking for advanced technologies to further optimize the production capacity and the production flows at our Belgian headquarters. Azumuta was therefore introduced in production. The platform helps the different departments to lay a foundation in the mission towards more digitalization.”

“The need for a solution like Azumuta came when we wanted to ensure knowledge transfer between ‘anciens’ and the younger generation. Many people who retired naturally took with them a wealth of knowledge and competencies. We could not let these go to waste, with Azumuta knowledge and experience could be transferred to the new generation of employees.”

Azumuta as a foundation to digitalization

By providing technology support in every aspect of the manufacturing process, Azumuta helps teams of operators improve overall productivity. “Our factory supervisors and department heads were trained to use the software to automate workflows, more flexibly guide (complex) assembly processes and schedule quality checks,” Alex explains.

“Today we use Azumuta as a platform on which all relevant information about certain items is available digitally. From our various departments, the platform helps to further digitize. Instructions and procedures can now be accessed via QR codes on a machine or tool, for example, but Azumuta is also a useful tool for audits and inspection rounds. Moreover, the platform also offers the possibility of reporting defects and unsafe actions.”

“We are also real fans of the digital improvement boards. It allows operators to actively identify and log potential solutions to further increase well-being and productivity in real time.”

"Azumuta is a tool to strengthen communication and efficiency within Production!"

petersime world egg hatching champion

Improved communication and efficiency within production

In practice, team leaders and department heads use the Azumuta platform for 3 main tasks:

  1. Production processes: Each team leader can create work instructions for his or her team. These are linked to QR codes that are placed everywhere in Production. With a tablet (new) operators can scan the code to get the right work instruction. Using instructions, photos and videos, they can quickly learn to assemble articles and immediately check the quality. The purpose of the work instructions is, on the one hand, to bundle as much knowledge as possible digitally and, on the other, to gain flexibility.

  2. Digital improvement boards: Defects and unsafe actions can be reported directly via the tablet. Thanks to predefined flows in the Azumuta system one can choose from, for example, safety, quality, ergonomics, etc. In this way, the necessary information immediately reaches the right person, allowing issues to be resolved more efficiently.

  3. Planning: quality and safety audits can be recorded in advance and the necessary forms can also be filled in digitally from now on.

Regular training opportunities for employees

“In addition to implementing more digital solutions, we also continuously invest in keeping our employees informed. Because sufficient attention or time for training and education leads to motivated employees. As we grow, it is equally important that efficiency on the shop floor evolves with us.”

“We provide company-wide coaching with sessions on fire prevention and evacuation procedures, but also targeted training on topics such as risk analysis, chemical and electrical safety, and much more.”

“That’s just essential, workers often feel little involved in the introduction of new technologies and digitalization in the workplace and they worry about how their jobs are changing as a result. Only by continuing to communicate well and involving workers directly can the first steps toward digitalization be taken.”

This is how Azumuta helps companies like Petersime:

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