Azumuta 2021: Recap of the Year

christmas party

Well… That escalated quickly…

Every year has its own set of triumphs and defeats, challenges and joys. We had a certain view of end in mind, and everyday we made sure to work hard towards it. But did we made it?? 🤔

Sit down, relax and enjoy our golden moments of 2021!

Let’s start the party off right away and celebrate our 5th anniversary!

We started with a few but today we are many, not only in numbers but also in talents and creativity. Five years have passed with the blink of an eye, sooo a big big thank you to our customers, partners and colleagues who made this all happen! 💜

Here’s to the next five years! 🎉

Added new faces to the Azumuta team

Meet our newest members. We gained not only one but two(🤯) clever application developers, a creative digital marketing specialist and an outgoing inside sales executive.

As we continue to grow, we are still looking for fresh forces to join us on our journey! 💪🏼

Meet the Azumuta team

Pitched at the Imec Investor Day

As one of the hottest 🥵 tech-startup in Flanders we were excited to pitch in front of an audience of investors.

Afterwards we had a great time meeting other beginning talents. Most were very passionate about their projects which made our day full of inspiring talks!

Another big thank you to everyone who shared with us! 🙌🏼

Tech Startups

38 published blogs

We love to stay connected with you, so we worked hard to keep you up-to-date and informed about the latest Azumuta and Tech Industry trends.

Take a look at some of our favorite blogs from the past year:

Left our mark across the world

Despite the fact that the road to the top is not always straight, we’re proud we made it all the way to New York! 🤩

Azumuta in New York

… Just kidding! 😂
This dream may one day come true if we work hard enough. 🙌🏼

Pitched at The Big Score

We were thrilled to pitch live at The Big Score eventthanks to Voka who nominated us! And we loved sharing our story to other B2B scale-ups and international investors.
Our CEO Batist was ready and SCORED BIG! 💪🏼

The Big Score pitch

Fulfilled 10.000 Work Instructions and more…

… 225 trainings
7.000 solved issues
50.000 Audits
100.000 Product controles

By improving the way we live on Earth 🌍, we all help to the healing of nature. This means each paperless work instruction brings us one step closer to a healthy environment. 🍃

So let’s double it next year and get rid of all paper versions! 👊🏼

Hosted a lot of Azumuta webinars

In past webinars we’ve discussed how to perform an audit and how digital product checks can increase your productivity. Did you find these to be useful? 🤓

Then watch out because there’s a lot more to come! 👀

Webinar Azumuta

Meet our team

Each member brings out his/her individual talents and combines them with others to become a remarkable team. Working together as a team, we move mountains to successfully accomplish a common goal. ⚽️

Discover those faces behind Azumuta! 🤩

Meet the team video

52 Monday meetings

A new Monday means new beginnings. Some have a fresh start while others freak out because it’s monday again. 🥱

During our Monday meetings we fire up our team and get them into full speed. 🏎 💨

Monday meetings at Azumuta

Christmas special

Due to circumstances we are all familiar with, it was not possible to take a group photo together. In some ways, we thought we’d lost touch. 😔

HOWEVER we came up with the fun idea of each pulling a Christmas photo. Which brought us even closer together and resulted in a phenomenal outcome! 🎄🌟

Azumuta Christmas Special

Reached 1000+ followers on LinkedIn

We’ve reached a 1000 followers’ milestone! So we’d like to take a moment to thank our followers, who joined us on our journey, for engaging with us and helping the Azumuta community flourish!

We wouldn’t be where we are now if it weren’t for you. 💜


Azumuta features

There are always new opportunities to get ahead of our competitors. As a reason, it’s critical that we keep updating. 🔥

Here are some of the updates we took under our belt this year:

  • Parameters & variants of audits
  • New interface of dashboards
  • Percentages of scores on planning
  • User friendly plan navigation
  • Improvement boards – new filter way
  • Compact & standard views (images)
  • More check information: (which check, more info)
  • Newer and faster search
  • New User Interface
App Updates

We can’t believe another year has passed. We’re so proud of all our accomplishments this year and we’re excited to discover what opportunities next year has to offer us.

Let’s jump into the new year so we can make the world a better place. 🤝

Cheers to what comes next! 🥂🍾

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