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Azumuta lays the groundwork for the transformation to Industry 4.0

Bewel is an organization that employs people who are at a distance from the labor market. People with passion, dedication and the qualities to carry out and optimize the most diverse tasks or processes of companies.

With 2,200 employees and 9 branches, Bewel is one of the largest employers in Limburg. They work not only in their own workshops, but also on the shop floor of their customers in various sectors.

A man wearing a face mask and gloves is assembling or inspecting black plastic components on a workbench in a warehouse filled with cardboard boxes. He is dressed in a grey and green uniform.
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Diepenbeek, Flemish Region
Industrial Machinery Manufacturing

Due to the digital work instructions from Azumuta we can monitor our processes better. This way, we can ensure that our workers always have the correct version.

Benny Claes
Technology & Innovation Engineer
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Over 55 years of craftsmanship

Founded in 1964, Bewel has created opportunities for people with a distance to the labor market for over 50 years. Bewel is a Limburg-based custom work company with 9 sites and 23 enclaves spread across Limburg.

Their foremost objective is to guide and support people with a distance to the labor market. In the first place they want to guide and help develop people with a distance to the labor market through employment.

In addition, Bewel offers customised work for their employees. By dividing the tasks of their customers, they ensure that every employee has a task that matches with their strengths.

At Bewel, your production is in good hands. Literally even, supported by 4400 skilled hands Bewel offers 9 different services. Thanks to their years of experience, they are able to deliver quality time after time.

Digital work instructions

“We used to use paper work instructions on our workbenches. In our systems, it wasn’t always clear whether the latest version of the work instructions had been taken to the work floor. Our work instructions are quite susceptible to changes and therefore difficult to maintain.” – Benny Claes, Technology & innovation engineer at Bewel

Thanks to the digital work instructions from Azumuta we can track the processes better and we are sure that our workers always have the correct version. This way, we ensure the production of products without faults.

“Within the software there is the possibility to split the processes into sub-tasks so that we can give our employees assignments that connect with their strengths.” Thus Benny.

Azumuta lowers stress in the workplace

A general trend we see across all our customers is that digital work instructions allow for easier and clearer communication.

“Thanks to Azumuta, our workers can work more independently. Our monitors have to intervene less, resulting in a calmer atmosphere on the shop floor.”

“The digital work instructions reduce stress on the shop floor. Our employees also indicate that the additional visual support of the digital instructions makes the assignments clearer,” says Kurt van der Made – Expert Labor Preparation at Bewel.

A different way of working

“90% of our employees stay here for a long time. It is often not easy for them to join the normal circuit because they need extra guidance. Guiding and supporting our employees is one of our core values. Therefore, it was very important for us to see how Azumuta would be received by our employees.”

The response was actually all positive. Thanks to this new technology, our employees can perform tasks more easily and independently. We also notice that Azumuta somewhat changes the role of our monitors. Whereas in the past they had to watch the process closely, our monitors now tend to step back and are mainly there to clarify things or solve any problems. This benefits the output. Azumuta also allows us to add fixed checkpoints within our processes so that at crucial points in production a check by a monitor is guaranteed.

Benny Claes
Technology & Innovation Engineer
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Bewel jumps on the train of Industry 4.0

“We currently have a lot of improvement programs running. We are focusing more and more on digitalization. It is also our intention, in addition to the project in Heusden, to roll out Azumuta in our other sites as well.”

“Because everyone has developed their own way of working over the years, it is often difficult to shift processes between our sites. With Azumuta, the knowledge transfer between sites will go more easily.”

“Bewel also wants to further specialize in certain industries and activities. We have already gathered a lot of expertise over the years and will certainly continue to build on that,” says Benny Claes, Technology & innovation engineer at Bewel.

A woman wearing a face mask and protective vest works at a workstation with various cables and electronic components in a warehouse setting. Shelving units with organized bins and tools are visible in the background.
This is how Azumuta helps companies like Bewel:
  • Relieve stress on the shop floor
  • Clear instructions for the employees
  • Stimulate independent working
  • Easily edit work instructions when changes occur

Join The Digital Shop Floor Revolution!

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